Appreciation to our Donors

New Horizons' Donors/Sponsors
(For the Small "Zones Of Peace" Project and our Harpers Ferry Remodeling Project. Possible Human, Possible Society Study Participant Donor/Sponsors are starred. *)

Combined Contributions In Dollar Values of Cash Donations, Gifts In Kind And Professional Services.
"We do best to begin by carving out territories or zones of peace in our personal relations where violence and deceit won't be used."
- Mahatma Gandhi
Thank you to all our supporters!

We want everyone to know how very grateful we are for the donations: time, talent and treasures, we have received to date that are enabling us to build our small "zones of peace" vision.

More than $10,000 - Master Peace BuildersBegosh Tax Service
$10,000 - Dove of PeaceSG Holdings US LLC, Gaithersburg, MD
Lisa Boyer, Point Of Rocks, MD*
Susan deVeer, Fairfield, Pa.*
Bobby Lowery Sawmill, Round Hill, Virginia
$5,000 - EagleAllen and Kim Beckett, Gettysburg, Pa.*
Hawbaker Family, Hagerstown, MD
Marge Hulburt, Missoula, MT
Carpel Video, Frederick, MD
Madison Jones, Washington, D.C.
$2,500 - OwlComing soon
$1,000 - BluebirdKebzeh Foundation, Vernon, B.C.
Encouragement Ministries, Bowie, MD
Paul Kellett
Sandi Lee, Walkersville, Maryland*
Terry Harris and Paul Barth, Shasta, CA
$500 – RavenBrandenburg Electric Company - Nancy, Frederick, MD
Saba Direct, Inc. Frederick, Maryland
$250 - HummingbirdTerri Valentine
Frederick Tile Company, Frederick, Maryland
Tony, The Plumber, Frederick, Maryland
Centennial Memorial United Methodist Church, Frederick, Maryland
$100 - SwanNat Council of Jewish Women, Frederick, MD
Marsh Realty, Frederick, MD
Gene Beall, Frederick, Maryland
Niningers Tire and Auto, Brunswick, MD
Abel's Auto Service, Knoxville, Maryland
$50 – Cardinalcoming soon