Study Data Usage

Study Data Usage

How Possible Human, Possible Society Study Data Will Be Used
(Until the data gathering for the study is completed, December 31, 2015.)

April 1, 2013

Our new Possible Society In Motion Show, with the addition of Jack Slattery to assist Anastasia, is now building momentum as episode topics are expanded through lively discussion between Anastasia and Jack.  Look for Possible Human, Possible Society Study participants to be invited guests on the show, added to the mix in coming months, beginning in April.
January, 2013

Our main source of reporting on the study continues to be blog articles and commentaries offered on this site. However, we have now enhanced our reporting with our new Possible Society In Motion Radio Show. Look for study-related topics on this show and, eventually, for study participants to be invited as show guests and panelists as the show becomes more refined in the coming months.
January, 2012

Over time, hopefully, our study will evolve into being a respected source that will provide important insights as to how the American public might overcome areas of disruptive polarization in our society. The intention, as it is defined to date, anticipates gathering information that can be used for:
  • Published reports, spotlighting public opinion gathered through our study in various areas, in both professional and mainstream publications that;
  • Fruitful discussions that will emerge through various specially-designed programs such as our Possible Society In Motion dinner and dialogue event, our (Almost) Annual Abkhazian Dinner, our Overcoming the Polarization of Politics kickoff event and various other public forum formats or those that are open only to our study participants such as our early Think Tank forums;
  • Consciousness-raising commentary, offered to the public, via mainstream print and broadcast media, on what our study findings are revealing as to how people can, through intention and dialogue, operate at increasingly higher levels of unity in this country;
  • Fresh ideas for community-unity building actions; what to do and what not to do, offered through public lectures and training programs.

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