Monday, November 28, 2011

Peace Buddies Project

Open question to Possible Human, Possible Society Study participants

Do you have one or more people in your life that you consciously and actively practice peace-building with on a regular basis? And, who do the same back to you?

Sue and I call these "Peace Buddies." Obviously, she and I have become Peace Buddies with one another. Here is a bit of an introduction to how we think about and do our conscious peace-building that we call the Peace Buddy Project.

There are a bazillion ways to sabotage peace; things, even ordinary people need to pay attention to not doing, like being abusive or lying, even a little bit. (See blog article on "subtle violence.") Perhaps there are an equal or greater number paths to attain it. I hope so.

In keeping with New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” Project’s mission; to do our best everyday, in everyway, to carry out the vision suggested by the following quote of Mahtma Gandhi --

  • “We do best to begin by carving out territories or zones of peace in our personal relations where violence and deceit won’t be used.”
New Horizons came up with fourteen human attributes that Sue and I built into our Cultural Mediation Paradigm and the New Horizons Small “Zones Of Peace” model. There are tips galore about these attributes and how to practice them linked here for your your ease in accessing our suggestions.

Our original idea to build these attributes into all that New Horizons offers is based on Murat Yagan’s guidance for the building of exceptional communities. However, practice has added some pointers.

The fact is that the essential ingredients that build and sustain peace and well being and, therefore, create non-violence can be cultivated. The seeds of this potential already exist in everyone. If these seeds are nurtured in the proper manner, enduring relationships and community structures can be developed wherein, over an extended time, violence can become “obsolete.” Imagine that “violence can be obsolete.” And you have the wherewithal to help that objective along, right now. Only as far away as reaching out to another person with the intention of building a bond of peace, on purpose.

Having a Peace Buddy with whom you regularly, consciously and conscientiously practice your peace-building skills is one very profound way to nurture these seeds in yourself and others. Even if you are doing a great job as a peace-builder, a Peace Buddy gives you an extra edge and helps keep you on your toes.

When the blended ingredients of the best in human nature create synergy; a way of being with others that goes beyond cooperation and further than consensus, humanity can raise up its communities, large and small, to their highest potentials.

If you do not have one or more Peace Buddies, will you pledge to get one or more now?

The more you have, the better it is for yourself and everyone else. Although Sue is one of my Peace Buddies, I think I have at least fifty more. How about that? Can you identify that many and more for yourself? FYI, Peace Buddies are not about popularity, they are about authenticity and a sincere pledge to always do your best to resolve conflicts and overcome polarization.

Let us know. We are in the planning and development stages right now to make our Peace Buddy Project a part of our expanding efforts to build small “zones of peace” everywhere in the service of being possible humans in the possible society.

Study Report

Though we still be interviewing the "choir" these days of the study start up, almost all interviewees, so far, report making authenticity and overcoming conflict and, therefore, polarization to be priority values in their lives.

What do you think we will find when we start interviewing folks on Capitol Hill and around K Street?

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