Thursday, March 23, 2023


We've Got A Mental Health Crisis -- And A Mental Health Solution

Podcast #2 -- On "Becoming Black Bear Mountain Village (and the Ms Study Group That Saved Lives During The Pandemic}. 

We've Got A Mental Crisis -- And We've got a mental health solution We'll pass on what we know to you-- lessons learned, personally and professionally, over close to 50 years. We'll help you master the steps to
take to learn how to do it yourself --- if you are a WE doing it yourself -- together with like-minded others.. 

We begin by telling our stories. 

Monday, February 27, 2023

We've Got A Mental Health Crisis

We've got a mental health crisis -- and we've got a (tried and true) mental health solution.

Details coming soon on our new podcast series -- Becoming Black Bear Mountain Village.

Hear NH/ZOP (Soon to become Black Bear Mountain Village -- our new non-profit} Executive Director --) (Me} Anastasia Rosen-Jones and Board Member Sue deVeer begin to lay down the foundations for this new series on our "rehearsal" show Radical Truth-Telling At Black Bear Mountain Village on podcast.

Best of all -- we're gonna help you learn how to replicate our success in "becoming Black Bear Mountain Village" by developing the principles, practices, skills and support for creating and sustaining your own "small zone of peace" as we are also doing -- just chapters ahead of you.

  • Low cost -- DIY
  • Relatively easy to set up
  • Duplicatable
  • Capable of widespread impact IF......?

Conversation, call in discussions -- coming soon on our new podcast series -- Becoming Black Bear Mountain Village

Unfolding -- developing -- ongoing -- storytelling and more.

Look for details.

Friday, January 6, 2023

It Was The Rite Of Passage -- As It Turned Out -- That Mattered Most

Under construction

It was definitely not great theater!

But in the whole scheme of things that -- as a bottom line -- "the not "doing" is so much far-passed by the importance -- the joy -- the celebration that was the launching today of our new online radio show.

The BEING of it!

I will say more when words come to me. For now -- suffice it to say -- hear Sue and I present my 'Major Announcement' and other wanderings through the format of our new series -- Radical Truth-telling At Black Bear Mountain Village.

Find out if you can hear intimations that we -- Sue and I are off on "another" adventure. We sure have had some -- getting from there -- March 16, 2020 to here -- January 6, 2023 -- second anniversary of the Januaty 6 Insurrection.

We are getting ready to turn our journey from there to here; what we've experienced, what we've learned and what we want to pass on to you --

Coming Through Covid-19 A Winner Survivor!! Me - a Compassionate Warrior Woman!

Oh my! We have tales to tell.