Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Wow! Our Truth or Dare GAME Is, Right Now In Real Time, Doing For Us What We Also Want To Give YOU!

In progress, the unfoldimg NH/ZOP "adventure of a lifetme," soon to be BROADCAST LIVE ON ... Anastasia The Storyteller on Blog Talk Radio.

A tried and true methodology for transforming the Dark Side and harnessing its power for you to be a Compassionate Warrior -- for yourself and the world around you!

In other words, the Possible Human in the Possible Society!

In progress now at our small zone of peace, aka Black Bear Mountain Village, emerging like the locusts, raising our voices out of the earth holding us safe -- for many decades preparing for now.

"IT" all began just before the lockdown, March 16, 2020.

And, then the pandemic led us to..

Which resulted in..

Trying to put the pieces together now.

How did we get from there to here?

Interested in being a player in our GAME?

Contact Anastasia @MountainWomanRJ@aol.com

More to come.

Friday, November 12, 2021

"Elite" Truth or Dare GAME To Become NH/ZOP Community Governing Body

Look for posted details, coming soon.

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The Exceptional Community

NH/ZOP Truth or Dare GAME 

NH/ZOP Truth Squad

Sorry readers that my messages are so scant these days. 

BUT..behind the scenes we are: writing a fantasy fiction story, living the story out here in real time at our retreat center, Black Bear Mountain Village (working title in forthcoming Camelot Disrupted, also working title), remodeling in preparation to coincide with book publishing, getting a new puppy next week, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and dealing with a thousand complexities, ALL exacerbated by Covid-19.

"BEAR" with me/us.

We are creating MIRACLES at Black Bear Mountain Village- BBMV to share with you.

Stay tuned! The best is yet to come!

Monday, November 1, 2021

Anastasia To Host Repeat Storytelling Event

Update: November 4

Registration closed. All spaces now filled.

Special addition: Collaborators Celebrate Fifteen Years Together

When: This very next coming Saturday evening, November 6

Time: 6:30 p.m. until

Where: NH ZOP Forest Bathing Sanctuary Sacred Fire Circle (a.k.a. Black Bear Mountain Village (BBMV) Sacred Fire Circle in Anastasia's forthcoming book, Camelot Disrupted

Rules of attendance:

Very limited onsite spaces. Must be vaccinated and wear masks

Conference call in spaces also to be limited

Reservations: Contact Anastasia -- MountainWomanRJ@aol.com 

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Anastasia’s Halloween Storytelling Event

Join Anastasia The Storyteller

Hear The Stories Of Others And Share Your Own On Your Journey from Halloween, 2020 -- to Halloween, 2021. 

Quite a year, right? 

Halloween Night - Minus one day

Saturday, October 30  Begins at sundown, till ???

With healing rituals to help elevate the higher consciousness in the glade of our New Horizons/Small “Zones Of Peace” (NH/ZOP) Forest Bathing Sanctuary (aka the sacred fire circle at Black Bear Mountain Village in Anastasia's forthcoming book, Camelot Disrupted).

Among the many questions we will try to address at this event --

Can the Great Pumpkin rise again this year and bring with Him/Her/It the positive energies we need to help us heal from the d-evil among us?

Want To Join Our Halloween Storytelling Celebration?

Contact Anastasia @ MountainWomanRJ@aol.com

Saturday, October 9, 2021

NH Zop Book Writers Celebrate One Year

Q -- Do you know the main reason all three of our blog sites are, these days, perpetually--

"Under Construction"


A: It's because, behind the scenes, "all" are (meaning members of the NH ZOP Board of Directors and myself) involved in contributing to, as  time allows of each, the research and writing assisting for my (Anastasia's) book in progress, Camelot Disrupted: Book One, Lost Hope Regained.

With that, I just wanted to stop by here with a few words to share our celebrating that we are now FULL FORCE into the book writing process, 24/7!

Or so it seems to me. 

Marking one year today when our adventure began.

So.... read between the lines of what I/we are posting.

What we are able to speak is only the "tip of the truth or dare "iceberg" (movement) we are presently building-- to share with y'all when the time is right.

Check back for more bits and pieces. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Do You Find Yourself Driven By Urgency?

Under construction.

How about being an excitement seeker?

Check out where that drive and/or your excitement seeking) is placing you, on our Compassionate or Dark Side Warrior profile.

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How Two Schools Of Thought On Emotions Divides Our Congress As Well As Our Most Intimate Relationships

Now let's get down to business!!

NH/ZOP, our two intertwined non-profit organizations, has big plans ahead!

Remember this, if you are so inspired!

Taking, scoring, then digging down deeper inside yourself through the guidance of my Compassionate Warrior quiz and the profound and powerful theoretical foundations, underlying that inventory, that can help you to, systematically, build a personally unique pathway out of your excesses, pandemic and otherwise, will be your entry point. Find out and refine that which drives you excessively to join the adventure, long time coming!

Planning now. Action, well-developed, likely to launch in 2023, after book publication. Join us now as our adventure unfolds.

Believe me, I, Anastasia, wouldn't be working so diligently these days, to write my new book in progress, Camelot Disrupted, Book One: Lost Hope Regained, my personal story, fictionalized in a tale intent on depicting the journey of lead into gold transformation, dark side warrior into compassionate, were it not for the prophecy behind it, received fifty -- 50!!! years, almost the day before President Richard Nixon resigned!

Imagine that happening!

The Board Members of NH/ZOP have spent the last twenty months!!! exploring the underpinnings of all that lies beneath such an occurrence. Along with me, each of the "elite" participants drives to urgency and learning how to redirect each that excessive intensity, as we suppoted one another through our battles with it. 

As the official guide of the class, given my having researched and written the text for it, I had grown right along with my students. 

In a time out of mind, all kinds of unusual arrangements have emerged. This was one of them for which each one of us was grateful. Now, beginning Part II, of that most unexpected adventure, we are coming through the challenge truly changed. 

Our "Elite" Mss Study Group/Class along with our twice weekly support groups -- and our shared devotion to truthfulness and synergy -- have brought us this.

Board Member Sue expressed it this way .--

"We began our Mss Study Group less than two weeks!! before covid-19 and its repercussions took over our lives and became a constant, little knowing what lay ahead. By the time we had Session #2 on March 24, we were beginning to realize we were in for quite an ordeal.al

Along with all the other shocks bombarding us daily at that point, Board Member Sue was almost incredulous when our next chapters ahead, contained, of all things, a detailed formula for making it through covid-19 healthfully, mental health-wise, provided one remained alive and healthy physically.

Sue continued -- 

"Who could ever have imagined that Anastasia's first book of here Random House Trilogy, Surviving Addictions: Transforming The Rebellious Survivor Inner Child, boxed away in an old trunk and file cabinets could have brought us this!! And, just when we need it the most.

Wouldn't you like to learn how to redirect that overdrive thrust of excessive URGENCY that covid-19 has exacerbated in you, regardless of where you were pre-pandemic? 

OMG!! I was totally in the grip! But I'm out now. 

How about you?

Bottom Line: You've got questions. We've got answers. And decades-old strategies to help bring you through. 

Just as we have assisted one another.

How might you get started on your adventure of a lifetime?

Look for details, coming soon.

In the meantime, take my Compassionate Warrior inventory and see what it tells you about YOU!