Monday, November 30, 2020

How Did We Get Here? We Made A Start Answering That Question On Yesterday’s Radio Show…

However, you likely do not yet know the answer because we don't quite know how to tell it, even to ourselves.

We still have a long way to go to help you know what we are up to and, hopefully, inspire YOU to join us for the adventure ahead. 

Here’s how our first public step on the road went... 

Anastasia, Sue and Terry agreed we would get together and do an online radio show, on the Sunday, just passed, after Thanksgiving, amid myriad personal crises and up against the backdrop of covid-19.

Answer, Short Form: 
With a lot of help from my friends.

It seemed simple enough when I offered them my draft radio show outline. Everyone got on board immediately, the three of us agreeing we were pleased with the plan, starting off approximately like this .. . 

Good morning listeners – 

This is Anastasia Rosen-Jones on Anastasia The Storyteller on Blog Talk Radio, today with two of my esteemed board members, Sue deVeer and Terry. 

We are thankful to be here, healthy and relatively stable and very grateful for what we, as a board, have managed to create in the form of a kind of lemonade made out of the lemons of the past months, since mid-March when quarantining became the rule of the land. 

Since that time, we have –

Organized a Nationwide Pandemic Survivors Support Group that Sue now leads, regularly on Mondays and Wednesdays;

Established a regular, ongoing manuscript study group, meeting on Friday mornings, led by me, as after all, they are my manuscripts;

Also under my guidance, a new version of this “elite” class, originally designed especially for my NH/ZOP Board Members, that has become a true source of clarity, strength and hope for each one of us, teacher and student. is now being readied to soon be available for the general, qualified public;

Created a Forest Bathing Sanctuary to share the wide-open safe spaces we have at our Harpers Ferry Retreat Center;

Expanded the format and scheduling plan for my Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show to become a part of another recent new program addition, just beginning, Storytelling and Conversation with Anastasia and Friends, already in motion; 

And, of course – 

The adventure of my having a brand-new book in progress, intended to be only the first in a series of four parts, the collection to be titled Lost Hope Regained, book 1, not yet titled.

The spotlight was to be on the latter, the book publishing contract and all it entails, the exciting donation pledge we received last month that gave this project the boost it needed and now the book publishing adventure itself that is developing out of it. 

We were not, however, able to take that last one up, as planned for the show!

Instead, just as I completed reading our list of pridefully celebrated organizational accomplishments, achieved during the course of the pandemic thus far, challenged though each of us has been, like everyone else - Sue offered..

“How did we get here?” she reflected, standing back a moment to gather into her mind what seems, day-by-day, more and more remarkable to us.

Well we all certainly are amazed at this list of efforts, tailor-designed for the crises we are now enduring! 

Q: But how DID we DO it? And In the midst of the pandemic?

Short Answer: 

  • With a lot of help from one another, as board members who have grown, even with some touchy moments, and deepened our friendship through this time of distress.
  • We are walking a long road but not alone.
  • Sometimes it seems we are helping one another to be living almost a miracle of transformation through crisis. 

Don't you want to find out more? 

We thought you would. So, our next online radio show topic will be ..

How Did We Get Here?


Anastasia The Storyteller Radio

Look for details.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Wondering Why Anastasia's Book Publishing Contract is soooo big for NH/ZOP?

Listen in to a conversation and storytelling with Anastasia and NH/ZOP Board Members as they discuss this new and exciting element in their ongoing, shared adventure through the pandemic crisis.

Here is a three part answer but there is much more behind it.

1. Because what these books contain is almost magical in terms of the medicine they offer to help heal our wounded nation; 

2. ThecNH/ZOP experience is a profound and powerful vehicle for this inoculation, meaning you don't need to search too far for a program with lots of ways into the healing we all need at this critical time; and 

3. Anastasia has pledged to publish her collection with proceeds going to our organization to support its various missions.

Join Board Members, Sue deVeer and Terry, for a lively discussion on these three reasons and more that will soon be shaping our future and yours, should you be inspired to get on our metaphoric hayride of fun, support and a developing community of people invested in backing one another up as we plod our way through the upheaval our nation is experiencing.

A Sunday Morning Fireside Chat With Anastasia 
and the NH/ZOP Board of Directors 

 Anastasia The Storyteller Radio

Sunday Morning, November 29 10 a.m.  EST

       Guest Call-In:  516.453.9477

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Breaking News! NH/ZOP Executive Director To Sign Book Publishing Contract

After more than six weeks of intense board discussions and a wide-ranging search for best options, since the recent $50,000 pledge to the New Horizons/Small "Zones of Peace" Publishing Fund was made through an "anonymous, masked donor" last month -- an agreement was reached Thursday with Kevin Anderson & Associates, a New York Times bestselling firm of editors, writers and ghost writers, to provide the talent that will assist our organization's agenda in beginning the journey of --

Getting all of NH/ZOP Executive Director and Founder, Anastasia Rosen-Jones, entire collection of "mss in progress" published someday soon -- asap!

Q: Why is this soooo big for NH/ZOP?

A: Three main reasons: 1. Because what these books contain is almost magical in terms of the medicine they offer to help heal our wounded nation; 2. NH/ZOP is the vehicle for this inoculation; and 3. Anastasia has pledged to publish her collection with proceeds going to our organization to support its various missions.

Of course that will take years as Anastasia began writing for publication in 1988!! when she first was discovered by Random House/Ballantine Book Vice President, Cheryl Woodruff. 

And, as her story goes, lost out on her opportunity to publish the three books she then wrote under the terms of the contract she had with Random House/Ballantine due to her losing her eyesight and remaining blind for eight, long years, "quarantining," during those years, as folks are doing now up in the mountains at the New Horizons Retreat Center.

Quite a story, about to be told, is Anastasia The Storyteller! 

Quite a miracle is Anastasia! 

We all know that a journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.

So here we go, Anastasia and NH/ZOP long time coming!

Congratulations to Anastasia and Ian Corson of Kevin Anderson and Associates, our representative for taking next steps together.

Posted by the Board Members of The New Horizons/Small "Zones Of Peace" Project.

Whoopee! Now be thankful!

Monday, November 2, 2020

Post-Election Storytelling Event

Under construction

Reserve Early!!  

Space will be very limited!

Join Anastasia The Storyteller for a 

Post Election Storytelling 


Hear The Stories Of Others And Share Your Own: 

The Ones You Will Keep With You For A Lifetime on

Election 2020!!

 Saturday, November 7 

Begins 6:00 p.m. till ???

EST is our time zone, please be sure to adjust for your own.

Via conference call. For reservations, contact Anastasia at: 

Look for a "Confirming Your Reservation" update, specially for this event here.

  • With "Election Reaction" calming and healing activities and rituals at our Fire Circle in our Forest Bathing Sanctuary.
  • Having raised the Great Pumpkin, let us all  NOW come together to help elevate the higher consciousness of election-weary voters in the service of overcoming polarization and building -- and -- learning to sustain --
  • Small "Zones Of Peace" everywhere.. 

Friday, October 30, 2020

Want To Join Our Halloween Storytelling Celebration?

 Here's how to join our Halloween Celebration to Raise The Great Pumpkin

1. Read this posting on "Confirming Your Reservation" to find out some of the details on how our event will proceed and how it might or might not fit your needs for a Halloween Eve bash.

2. Figure out for yourself (and your companions, should there be some or any to accompany you to our "Halloween Party) if you think you might enjoy an evening of activities, storytelling and discussion, playing by the rules of our game which are, as I've said before --

Yup! Our rules might seem intense. However, our results are


And, this close to the election, at an event that just might or might not include both Republicans and Democrats in the same space! 

Socially distanced and masked, of course.

3. Then, if you've decided you are up for our Halloween challenge, Contact Anastasia at:, requesting your reservation which will be confirmed with: 

a) Your personal "Confirming Your Reservation" email from Anastasia, followed by b) your being provided with our conference call in numbers,

After that -- we will look forward to seeing/talking to you on Halloween Eve.  Come one! Come all!

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Storytelling To Be Featured At Anastasia's Halloween Event

 Come one. Come all!

Help us raise the Great Pumpkin at...

… Anastasia’s Fire Circle Storytelling And Banishing Evil Event

See additional details here

Join Anastasia The Storyteller for a...

Halloween Storytelling And Banishing Evil Evening

Hear The Stories Of Others And Share Your Own

 Halloween Eve, Saturday, October 31   

Begins 6:00 p.m. till ???

EDT is our time zone, please be sure to adjust for your own.

Via conference call. For reservations, contact Anastasia at: 

With healing activities and rituals to help elevate the higher consciousness of voters in our coming election. 

Wikipedia writes …”The Great Pumpkin is an unseen, supernatural figure character who, according to Linus of the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz, rises from the pumpkin patch on Halloween evening and flies around bringing toys to sincere and believing children. 

What can a group of dedicated people create on THIS Halloween Eve, if raising the Great Pumpkin to help us in banishing evil and building small "zones of peace" is what we are after?

Find out more here on how you can participate.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Breaking News: Masked, Anonymous Donor Pledges $50,000 To Small “Zones Of Peace” Publishing Fund

 Additional Details Forthcoming

New Horizons/Small “Zones Of Peace” (NH/ZOP) Executive Director Anastasia Rosen-Jones' Mss Study Group Series got a huge $$$ boost over this past weekend, making the following paid part-time, work from home positions available immediately.

  • Administrative/Research Assistant
  • Editing/Writing Assistant

Required: Applicants must be internet savvy and have google blogger adeptness.

See below for application contact information.

Saturday, October 10

An unnamed supporter came forth today, pledging $50,000 of matching funds in support of the publishing, at last, of NH/ZOP Executive Director Anastasia Rosen-Jones' “Random House Trilogy.” 

Sparked by word of the magnificence, impact and timeliness of Anastasia’s Mss Study Group Series, a masked and anonymous donor has pledged $50,000 as matching funds to move this project of the NH/ZOP into immediate fast forward.  While fundraising plans take shape, these funds will become immediately available.

Credit for orchestrating the donation goes to Board Member Sue deVeer who will serve as spokesperson for the donor, until “They” choses to be publicly revealed. 

Updated publication date for the first of Anastasia’s collection of writings is expected to be Labor Day, 2022. Look for further details and updates as they are established.

Hear Anastasia and NH/ZOP Board Member Sue discuss this most surprising and welcome windfall on -- 

Anastasia The Storyteller Radio 

Date, time and topic to be announced

To apply for available positions, Contact Anastasia at: