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About The Spectrum Of Love Inventory

The value system of the New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” Project holds that like-mindedness, synergy and a “vibration of love” are baseline necessities for any partnership or group of people that wishes to build an environment of peace and harmony within which its members can thrive and from which they can thus enhance our world (i.e. an “exceptional community.”

Essential ingredients of human behavior that will generate such an outcome are: compassion, gratitude, patience, kindness, generosity, humbleness, courtesy, altruism, good temper, guilelessness, sincerity, endurance, forgiveness and courage. These take on special meanings as they are derived by New Horizons from the ancient teachings of Kebzeh traditions of the Abkhazians of the Caucasus Mountains as per Murat Yagan. (Also see -  Press release -- 8/18/00: Spiritual Leader of 26,000 Year Old Culture To Assist Local Non-Profit With Violence Prevention Effort. )

The definitions we use are delineated and discussed as follows: Courtesy of Murat Yagan, Ahmsta Kebzeh: The Universal Science of Awe Kebzeh Publications, Vernon British Columbia, 2003. www.kebzeh.org.

How To Use The Spectrum Of Love Inventory

At New Horizons we use the “Spectrum of Love Inventory,” as we originally learned of it from our Beloved community development mentor, Murat Yagan (1915 -- 2013), as the foundation for learning and teaching how to “Build An Exceptional Community.”  For this purpose, we introduce our participants to the inventory, often in group meetings, by having each person score themselves weak or strong on each of the following attributes. Then the scoring is shared and discussed in the group. 

(Oftentimes we encourage people to feel free to score themselves with percentages such as 30% weak and 70% strong for a closer approximation of strengths and weaknesses.

Use the following to do your own personal preliminary inventory. At New Horizons, as we proceed in developing a community entity, we eventually move on to scoring ourselves as well as each other for some fairly amazing discussions on community building. You would be amazed at what we discover!

Enjoy your "Spectrum Of Love Inventory" exploration and share it with your friends. Also, explore this site for many articles on the daily applications of the Inventory, if you, too, would like to see your neighborhood, community and country become more and more like a “village” of people who care for and about one another than our current ways.

Spectrum Of Love Inventory Attributes 

Score each of the following fourteen attributes for yourself as “strong,” “weak” or percentages of each.

Note: Definitions for each attribute as per Murat Yagan. Thus their meanings might differ slightly from those which are commonly used. It can be worth your while to, at least, consider Murat’s definitions before doing your scoring. The distinctions can be helpful.

Attributes and Definitions

Compassion: A feeling of deep empathy for another’s suffering or misfortune. Tenderness, commiseration, heart, fellow-feeling, mercy or condolence..

Gratitude: Awareness of privilege.

Patience:  Bearing in love. (This definition for "patience," more than any other, usually throws people!)

Kindness: A friendly, generous, benevolent or gentle nature. Showing consideration, affection,  friendliness.

Generosity: Giving abundantly, willingly, liberally, copiously, magnanimously, altruistically.

Humbleness: Knowing one’s dependence on God and interdependence with fellowmen and women. (This one, too, is a challenge to most people.)

Courtesy: Good manners, Aleishweh. (Aleishweh is an Abkhazian word for courtesy. As we have come to understand it, it is such a high form as to be almost unimaginable in our society.)

Altruism: Regard for others as a principle of action based on the doctrine of oneness.  (Where altruism is, for real!)

Good Temper:  Pleasant disposition of mind, well composed. (When you see this attribute in its weak form, especially these days in politics, I say "BEWARE.")

Guilelessness:  Without guile or cunning, especially deceitful behavior, hence having no hidden agendas, straightforwardness. (Hillary has sure not been able to hold up in this one as a strength. It may not be her downfall but she sure shoots herself in the foot on it!)

Sincerity:  Free from pretense or deceit, the same in reality as in appearance, genuine, honest, frank. (O.K. Where do you see this one in our politics these days? Umm, I am wondering.)

Endurance: Ability to hold out, to undergo a difficulty without giving way, to withstand prolonged strain.

Forgiveness: Personal pardoning of an offense or offender. Speaks to inward feeling and presupposes some kind of alienation. Forgetting is not necessarily included in forgiveness. Ceasing to blame, absolution.

Courage: Ability to disregard fear. Bravery. May also be a willingness to feel one’s fear and take a given action anyway.

Scoring Application Methods: Under construction

What your scores tell you: Under construction

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