“Climbing The Mountain Of Awe”

An interactive series of GAMES of empowerment and transformation
The GAMES you know you have won by reaching the peak of the
You know you're there when you know how to consciously and successfully co-create an experience of –
  • Synergy - collective unity;
  • A sense of being in a win – win environment;
  • Elegant solutions to personal and collective challenges -- seeing outside the box as an interactive process;
  • Abundance, love vibrations and joy
  • Ongoing action contracts re: self, others, peace (USA and beyond)
You will want to play our series of Games, again and again, and take them home to your friends and neighbors.  To your whole community!

Begin the adventure by --

participating in regular gatherings at New Horizons' Harpers Ferry Retreat Center
(Beginning June 22, 2013  and ongoing thereafter.)

Watch for program and reservation details as they become available!