Monday, June 7, 2010

Volunteers Share Specific Like-Minded Values: Part I

There has been so much to share in laying down the foundations for this blog that one of the most essential building blocks of our project hasn’t even been mentioned; the contributions of Murat Yagan and the teachings and support he has provided to what our Small “Zones of Peace” Project has become –
A mission to guide individuals and groups to work together to co-create the highest levels of collective human involvement; abundant life with one another.
New Horizons Community Development
mentor,Murat Yagan and Anastasia
Paradoxically, on the new blog I began creating this past week, Murat’s contribution to our project was the number one posting! As well it should be everywhere that full credit is presented for the foundations upon which are program is so sturdily built.

Through Murat’s guidance -- which we began working with in 1999 -- New Horizons has become acutely aware that certain specific, personal values are essential to building the kinds of communities that best reflect our human potential.

We teach these to participants in our basic Coffee House Conversations Series. As Small “Zones Of Peace” Volunteers, we pledge to personally live by and model these principles everyday, individually and as we work together as a team.  Details on these values and how the Small “Zones Of Peace” model introduces them through our Coffee House Conversations Series will be topics on future postings.

The goals of each of the four introductory Coffee House Conversations as well as each of the values we present in our model (we focus on fourteen essentials, but there are many others that could be added) can be the subject of many future postings.

We hope you will actively participate in the online dialogues we introduce on these.

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