Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Elegant Solutions: Climbing The Mountain of Awe

Elegant Solution (defined) – A solution to a life challenge that creates a sense of “awe.”
Thoughts for today from Anastasia who has few words for now.

Still regrouping after the UNESCO Center for Peace Model United Nations Camp.)

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Elegant Solutions have special characteristics:
  • Elegant Solutions are those that are co-created by thinking outside the box.
  • Elegant Solutions always have a built in win-win outcome.
  • Elegant Slutions are based on seeking to understand, rather than to be understood.
  • Elegant Solutions are based on believing that there is no scarcity.
Snakes and Dark Side Warriors set up win-lose or lose-lose outcomes for situations. Be on the alert for “snakes” or snakey behaviors.

They sabotage the climb up the Mountain Of Awe -- and -- obstruct others from reaching the "Peak."

What should you do when you encounter snakes?

How do we turn "lose" into "win?"

Try "win-learn." and let that be your guide.*

Lessons, challenges.

Take our “Where Is Your Compassionate Warrior Hiding?” quiz.

Score yourself and see where your strengths and your weaknesses lie in being a part of the elegant solution. Do your best -- always -- to be a part of the solution, the most elegant one you can find!

* I learned about win-lose, win-win and win-learn from an ex-convict, now-deceased, Ken Windes, who became an internationally recognzed psychotherapist and clinical trainer, one of my own respected trainers.

Read his story, Walking Through The Walls. He was a master training of the "win-win" concept.)

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