Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Morning After (Election Day)

Goodness gracious, I'm glad all that hostile, combative, intense polarizing is over. At least for today.

Now everybody, or a lot of people, want to make nice. Can we, at least, catch our breath.

For my part, holding onto an intention to reach the peak of that Mountain of Awe – and – getting it together on ground level have been far from simple tasks for me these past few months.

Oh, my! Oh, my!

The NYC mosque controversy and mid-term elections were enough to fog up my window on community development as well as my visionary proclivities. As captain of this ship of fools, if that’s what we be -- (I don’t think so, but sometimes I wondered in my moments of feeling at a loss for direction these past few months) -- -- yesterday’s election results, creepy as the whole pre-election ordeal was, gave us what we have needed out here to come up with a worthy plan for our next best efforts.

Elegant solutions won again where we are, at least, for one more round.

We’ve -- my first mate, Sue and I -- found the clearing through which to blaze our next peace action trail. I'd been hunting, but WE've got it now, I believe. Stay tuned in.

More to follow. I will keep you posted as developments unfold. From Anastasia
In the mountains ,as the days grow shorter and the temperature colder. Brrr.

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