Monday, February 14, 2011

Small "Zones Of Peace" -- The Ingredients

The essential materials for building small "zones of peace" already exist in each and everyone of us -- and in all those around us.

If we are willing to put these materials to work, they will build our personal zones of peace. With these zones to establish our foundations, we can build greater, solid, lasting structures -- peaceful territories.

Picture it this way:

You are a seed of peace.

Like a seed, you carry the potential for great beauty.

In full bloom, you are peace.

Peace is within you. And, in your blossoming.

You can bring the joy of that blossoming to everyone around you.

For thirty-five years the unique New Horizons GAME has been guiding participants to develop skills that advance their potentials, personally and collectively.

Our New Horizons signature approach has been offered through our Truth or Dare GAMES and support group programs (formerly the Discount Derby), now evolving into our new GAME.  

Though this process, New Horizons has empowered and transformed the lives of hundreds, even thousands of people over the past three and one-half decades.

We hope you will stay posted for new developments on this empowering, social transforming process, the New Horizons' GAME.

And, that you, too, will get on board to play our GAME when it is avaiable in your area.

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