Friday, June 3, 2011

Two Schools Of Thoughts On Emotions

I was intent on giving myself time off, at least through next week.

Losing my eyesight, even though I still have sight in one eye is not an easy death. I am scared And, up and down in an array of other primitive, dealing-with-significant-loss emotions.

Sure, I hate not to produce my quota of blogs per week. I should strive to do two apiece for each of our two blog sites each week. But you can see I have often fallen far short in recent months though I do, at least, think about writing my articles. 

Still Lisa reassures me that quality is better than quantity. With these words from on high, at least in my small world, I relax, secure in my belief that the long-term goals we have defined for writing these blogs will be met; contributing whatever we can to social change for the better.

Nonetheless, here I sit at week’s end, not far from sundown (the Jewish Sabbath which I give myself permission to celebrate whatever time on a weekend that I feel to be most sacred for me), contemplating whether or not to add a piece when I had already decided to give myself a well-deserved break. 

I don’t think, however, that I will say much on the topic that now demands my commenting; “the two schools of thought on emotions.” But I do feel compelled to, at least, "name" the issue though I would rather not.

A long held debate topic, this one about emotions. And, certainly not one I even truly care to debate. However, apparently forces beyond my control beckon my statement of position.

So let me state my position and invite you to tune in again soon as I elaborate on the subject. And, please do comment, if you have your own thoughts, feelings and experiences to contribute.  That would be so valuable. This topic is quite relevant to the period of ritual mourning I am embarking upon with this loss of the eyesight in my right eye.

Since commenting directly online to the blog seems to be almost an impossibility, please send me your comments and I will post them at the end of this, or any other relevant piece at:

Two schools on emotions:

One school of thought holds that emotions need to be controlled. Corollary to that school is the strong focus running rampant in our society to “just get over it.”  Whatever "it" is that feels distracting to one's higher purpose.

(Perhaps my words, here, hold judgments though I do try to be fair. Actually, upon reflection, there is strong, even very strong, judgment in my statement.

While I do think that guiding one’s thoughts, feelings, behaviors and intentions is a critical discipline for healthy daily living, sometimes enough purposeful guiding is just too much!

More to come.)

The second school of thought on emotions is that emotions are to be honored as gifted, organically-based markers that guide us to emotional, spiritual and physical health.

Obviously, I am a proponent of the second, presently intent on healing and transforming the challenge and emotional anguish of the loss I am facing by heeding my emotions and using them to bring me to a higher plane in this human existence of mine.

Will I succeed?

In spite of the fact that I frequently feel awful these days, I have every reason to believe that I will succeed.

Based on my past experiences, I strongly believe that, if I use my present, primitive pain as guide posts, I will come through this ordeal transformed.

In support of that, my spirit sister, Sandi, a strong proponent of the first school of thought on emotions, wrote the following to encourage me yesterday.

From: Sandi Lee

Your dark night of the soul will lead you through a tunnel where, as you emerge, you will find that you have more Light in your life than you've ever had before.

The walk through this darkened tunnel is the only way to the Light.Release and let go of anything that may be keeping you from walking quickly and with great strength and courage..............

What you will discover as you step out of this tunnel is the REAL YOU.

I love you. Sandi (and she really does)

Stay tuned into this adventure of a life that I would truly prefer to have missed.

I will have more, perhaps much more, to say on the subject of the two schools of thought on emotions in the days ahead at the pace that I am able to keep.

Thank you for being among my caring supporters.

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