Saturday, August 6, 2011

From The Wise Old Owl

Hooty, hooty, hoo!
Whatever are we to do?
Just read a CNN article that made my blood boil.
Everywhere the U.S.A is a-roil!

I was just about catching my stride to say a few words about what I think about our country’s polarization; there don’t seem to be any real, live grown-ups around here running this country. And, what do I find? An article that suggests the young’uns here should be the ones in charge.

Well, I guess that just goes to show two things, in particular, to my mind:

1. The Elders of this country are, somehow, not earning the respect they should, due to the fact that they act like children as if they are still on a playground; and

2. The young’uns haven’t much skill at treating the Elders with the respect they do deserve. That’s what I get, so far, from the way many of those young'uns act (not all, by a wing span, to be sure.)

(I am still smartin' some from two college student volunteers last year that convinced me “I’d better do it myself.” Truth be told, I could not. So, of course, because what we needed was teamwork, we had a no-win outcome in some certain areas. And, much undue aggravation.)

Well, it sure is challenging round here these days! Even for a wise old owl.

I have high hopes, though, that our Possible Human, Possible Society Study will help us disclose, as a group, who it is that is really walking the walk. So, for now, I will reserve judging in error until I have more facts.

Sure would like to know myself, though, before I need to cast my votes again.

You think you are really walking that walk, how about being a Possible Human, Possible Society interviewee?

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