Monday, January 16, 2012

A Truckload Of Warmth

One more 2011 story before it slips any further into memory.

A truckload of warmth and a climb up a small Mountain of Awe helped New Horizons usher in 2012. Amazon-type woman power, teamwork, a huge donation of our favorite varieties of wood for burning and a new friend warmed our hearts the last Thursday afternoon of 2011. The donation by saw mill owner, Bobby Lowery, of as many truckloads of fire wood as we could load and haul, made for a fun-packed and bountiful adventure.

To make it quite perfect, we found a new friend, Judy Moeller, the “velvet-gloved lady,” a woman with her own unique brand of elegance. Driving her snazzy blue pick up truck and packing a mean muscle to boot, somehow Judy seems to always be moving with the agility of a deer and the dignity of a lady. What fun we had! And, Judy took home her own truckload of warmth.
Bobby's welcoming

By New Year’s Eve, New Horizons Harpers Ferry Retreat Center was all fired up for a toasty warm welcoming in of the new year. So it came to be that our monstrous, newly-repaired Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, our heating-the-whole-house woodstove, big enough to shame a small caboose, bellowed out Auld Lang Syne and her hello song to 2012 as it made its entrance known.

How about that for abundance? Both Bobby and Judy, each with their own gifts brought New Horizons the kind of support that New Horizons needs, including that touch of “awe” that comes of people offering what they can and working together. Thus as 2012 was making its entrance, the board members of New Horizons would be reflecting on the amazing experiences 2011 had provided. (We did that the next day at a board members’ luncheon.) Bobby’s gift of glorious wood and Judy’s working with us to bring it home gave us a most perfect beginning to our being ready to receive as much (and more, why not?) as we are giving. Your support will also be warmly received.
In case you are not sure how you can give back to us, here is a short list for starters.

 We need:
  • Sponsors;  
  • Volunteers to assist with the Possible Human, Possible Society Study (administrative assistance, data management, interview skilled assistants and fundraisers);
  • Gifts in kind for our Harpers Ferry remodeling project, grunt work volunteers for the remodeling project, and;
  • Of course cash donations! (This link will help you do that.)
For the real fun stuff; community building, study participation and volunteering, write or call Anastasia, cell 240.409.5347.
Bobby in his best
Anastasia climbing a
small Mountain of Awe; 
Bobby's woodpile
Silly Sue

And, for your sawmill needs, be sure to contact Bobby Lowery, the generous man feeding our fire- eater, Chitty. Shown here modeling his favorite shirt. Bobby Lowery, 540.338.2362.

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