Monday, February 27, 2012

Why An Abkhazian Dinner?

What is the reason the New Horizons/Small “Zones Of Peace” Project honors Abkhazia?

Since 1999 when New Horizons began merging what was originally a psychological, mainstream therapeutic community model with the ancient cultural traditions of Abkhazia, under Murat Yagan’s tutelage, we have increasingly advanced our expanded community development and violence prevention approach into programs and projects that can benefit all of society. At the Abkhazian Dinner we honor these rich foundations -- and – Murat who is purportedly the last living Elder of his ancient Abkhazian tradition, Ahmsta Kebzeh.

Archeological findings suggest that this culture, located in the region of Mt. Ararat, dates back 26,000 years. The communal way of life of these peoples appears to have been unadulterated up until Russian invasions began around the 1600s. Study of Kebzeh traditions and practices sheds light on how a culture can endure --for that length of time- -- living long and in peace and harmony, at least among themselves.

More to come...

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