Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Bus Ride Story Adventure: Where Does It Take Us?

As its centerpiece, the Bus Ride Story Adventure takes us on a journey to build bridges of enhanced community unity. It accomplishes this by telling a story about an imaginary bus ride trip of seven days.

(The original story, written by Murat Yagan and edited by Sue deVeer can be read at this link.)

We want to travel
with you.
Central to our telling of this story, our adventure asks participants to consider and discuss some key points as derived from the story. Some of the most important of these points are as follows:

1. What experiences have you previously had with “exceptional communities” and exceptional leaders?

(For a discussion on “exceptional communities” (i.e. the best possible of the healthy communities) and exceptional leaders, from a New Horizons’ perspective as derived through our guidance from Murat as well as my (Anastasia’s) expertise with therapeutic communities, see this link.)

2. Do you think that the health or lack of healthy, local communities in present day U.S.A. (again see link for definition and discussion on “exceptional communities”) affects the solving of the current problems of our nation? If so, how do you see this for good or naught?

Moving into the main activities of the Bus Ride Story, the following questions are asked:

1. Do you wish to have a sense of community with others?

2. Do you believe that those with whom you are “traveling” might share this wish with you in some common way?

3. How then, given your wishes and the presumed similarity with the others with whom you are traveling, can the outcome of this wish for an exceptionally healthy, local community be achieved in a relatively short period of time?

Several more very important items are added to these discussion questions that, than, become the basis for travelers willing to join one another on our Bus Ride Story Adventure, #101.

(The Bus Ride Story Adventure, #101 is an introductory event accompanied by a potluck dinner.)

Anastasia and Sue will serve as Bus Ride tour guides for our new Bus Ride Story Adventure series that will be launched next Saturday, May 12.

Get on board!

Join us for this new educational and consciousness-raising program that New Horizons is now offering that enhance our Possible Human, Possible Society Study.

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