Monday, June 25, 2012

Snags to Synergy

Bus Ride Story Adventure Comment

I am in love. Not in “that” way. I am in love in a more love the world way; the kind of feeling one gets when you have a certain fine experience with people coming together, getting through a snag or two, then coming out the other end intact and a bit more for having moved through the snag. Brief though the snag might be, we are lifted by the happening, individually and collectively; a tad more human for showing our shadowy selves and moving beyond them.

I am, of course, referring to our gathering for our second Bus Ride Story Adventure rehearsal yesterday. Sue and I were definitely not at a flawless performance level yet as tour guides. However, in spite of a few metaphorical leaks in the roof, our audience of interactive co-creators, across the board, was generous in their receptivity to our gifts, engaged and engaging, responsive and accountable in how they conducted themselves. Yum.

Given the magic of our beautiful, mystery location and the ideal weather which allowed us to meet below a gracious shade tree next to a gently rippling stream, we had a wonderful Bus Ride Story Adventure rehearsal #2. Next month on Sunday, July 29 we will present ourselves, again, at our mystery location in the country, as we continue to rehearse and polish up our act for our anticipated taking of our show on the road when the days grow shorter and cooler.

A delightful group of people came together at our mystery location. And, if we did not make it all the way to the peak of the Mountain of Awe, we, at least, got off the ground. Each and everyone did their wiining-est best, conducting themselves in ways guaranteed to build exceptional communities, providing a healthy majority that will lean into the process and keep coming back.

Not a one of us was flawless. However, we co-created a beautiful Bus Ride Story Adventure day. Thank you, thank you to everyone who attended. We are on our way, traveling with you.

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