Saturday, November 22, 2014

On The Re-Humanizing Of America

I do not focus on the Light and the Dark Sides of humanity to simply be clever. And, I do not offer my perspectives on the subject without an enormous amount of substance from within, behind what I share. 

Quite the contrary!

What I know about the Light and the Dark, I know not only from diligent study but, also, firsthand; personally and professionally.
Art, copyright Marcia E. Rosen

I have been through the fire, so to speak. And, I am very much better for it. Thus everything on this site and the others for which I write has been influenced by these adventures and grows out of that wisdom, born of challenge, pain and personal evolution.

I am, after all, both the Founder and Executive Director of New Horizons, its head chef, bottle washer and window cleaner. I am, as well, sometimes the voice of Anastasia The Super Sleuth, New Horizons’ mascot. Lessons learned in the heat of the fire are how I got and keep these most honorable jobs.

And, please believe me, this is not a one-time effort. Trial by fire is an ongoing experience.

I wish you, no less, if you are up to the task.

So do, please visit New Horizons new blog site, ExploringYour Dark Side: The Adventure Of A Lifetime for the professional angle – and – Anastasia The Storyteller to bring yourself closer and closer to these truths I bring back from my adventures and to keep abreast of the bounty.

My personal prophecy, as I have begun to narrate its place and meaning in my life is now in the beginning stages of being recounted as I live out its manifestation in real time on the latter, Anastasia The Storyteller. 

The abundance I bring you can only grow fuller and richer. That is, “G-d willing and the creek don’t rise.”

Here, on the New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” Project site I/we will continue to do our best through “Anastasia The Super Sleuth Says” stories, reports on the data collection of our Possible Human, Possible Society Study, suggestions on our ever-emerging programs, projects and perspectives on building small zones of peace in our personal lives and communities.

Community development related articles derived from principles and perspectives we have learned through our Beloved community development mentor, recently deceased, Murat Yagan, will also continue to be presented on this site. These focus on action projects such as our Bus Ride Story Adventure, written by Murat.

New Horizons is going through enormous changes right now. How we will implement these and continue to use this site to bring these developments to you, as well as the lessons derived from them, is very much in the formative stages.

We have never been satisfied that our mission could not be readily translated into concrete, readily articulated terms. Others have also been dismayed at this failing in us.

I/we can’t assure you, even now, this is going to change, at least not any time soon. We are about experiential learning. How specific can that be made?

We will do our best. But how can we know that which is still unformed?

Nonetheless, if you look closely you will ascertain this much about us; we firmly believe that how people treat one another on a day-by-day basis has an enormous impact on, not only our personal lives and relationships, but also affects our society and politics.

So do please keep coming back and drinking from our sweet fount of wisdom and experience insofar as the re-humanizing of America is concerned.

That, in a nutshell, is what we are about; the re-humanizing of America!

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