Friday, January 16, 2015

My Love Story Behind ----

The Coffee House Conversations On Race Relations

Instinctively I suspected Jack and I were moving into a beautiful beginning for our 2015 Possible Society In Motion Radio Shows when I sat down on Wednesday night to finish the first draft of our show script for Thursday night’s program.

But when the exuberance I was feeling prompted me to follow that up with writing a blog article at close to ten o’clock at night, I could feel the potentiality surging through my every body cell!

Ten o’clock!

Ten o’clock is quiet time for me! I have come to cherish that hour with a good book, the cozy warmth of a blazing fire in the hearth, a late night snack – and – any other things that feel gentle and calming.  

The intensity of modern day life has, by that hour, generally gotten to be a bit much for me.

But this night was different. I felt compelled to have my say and post it on the internet.  As if there was something important I genuinely needed to express.

Well, I was quite right about the show we were birthing.  There was something extra special about it.

Last night’s program titled “Leaning Into Conversations on Race Relations” was all and more than I had anticipated.

What made it so?  Storytelling -- from the heart is my guess.

Storytelling --as our chosn pathway last evening to creating a show rich in meaning and heart. It's a surefire way to build something special. Umm. That we did!

The centerfold was “My Love Story” that is the back story of New Horizons’ forthcoming Coffee House Conversations on Race Relations program.

I hope you will listen to this very special program. And allow yourself to consider, if you have not already, that leaning in to anyone and everyone we can to support the people of this country – and ourselves – to reverse the polarizing trends currently infecting us, is truly an act of love; for ourselves, for those who are feeling apart, unheard or unacknowledged and for the freedoms this democratic country we love is based upon.

I am so gratified by the show Jack and I produced last night. Today I am still feeling full from the joy and thankfulness that program brought me. It gave me the gift of discovering in the telling of “My Love Story” just how much the love of sharing with others can lift me, heart and soul.

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