Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How To Talk About Race Relations

Coffee House Conversations On Race Relations takes to the airways!

Our special guest for this week’s Possible Society In Motion Radio Show, Herman King, will join Jack and myself as we introduce a new track for our radio show programs. Our new format, anticipated to be a regular or semi-regular addition, will help bring the embryonic success of the NewHorizons' Coffee House Conversations On Race Relations in Frederick County, Maryland to our online radio show.
Herman and Anastasia
Coffee House Conversations II 

Our intention is to create a nationwide audience with participation of as many who “dare” to join us for this essential conversation!

We hope you will be among those who will participate. (Details for when, where and how are below.)

Come on folks don’t just slink into the dark and dusty corners of protected oblivion because Starbucks isn’t pushing the issue right now. Don’t you be the one who is allowing the sounds of your voice to be muffled.

We know you have opinions, some of which are even on the side of volatile. We want to hear them as long as you play by our ground rules of civility. You can do it!

Herman King, my favorite foot soldier of the day, is a role model for the courageous way to go, by an African American male, determined to get his voice heard and do it within the system. Herman means business but his civility is his great strength!

Herman is a gorgeous role model to follow. But only one among many that our new format will welcome. Our updated program arrangements will feature guests who are already actively involved participants and supporters of the Coffee House Conversations on Race Relations series in Frederick, Maryland.  Many who have been actively involved in a wide-ranging variety of other program on these issues on a county-wide level that New Horizons is just now bringing to the table,

You too can be involved without even leaving your living room (details below).

On our up-to-the-minute program format we are going to be taking the local conversation beyond that geographical confine with the hope that the renewed vitality of our local community’s involvement and its developing unity among people of diverse racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds can spread to other communities.

Special programs will feature guests who will weave their personal and, sometimes, professional perspectives and experiences with that of Jack and myself to inspire us all to move beyond polarization, anywhere, all the time. Our greatest strength is, not only our commitment, but that we are actually now moving full force ahead within a community, Frederick County, Maryland, that is beginning to shift out of stagnation and into "motion."

We won’t be deterred!

We are intent on healing the wounds of past stereotyping, racism and police brutality.

We’ve already begun. It’s only a start but we are on our way.

So please join Jack and myself as we set this new track in motion with special guest, Herman King. 

You’re gonna just love Herman (I do!) so much you might want him to be our new guest co-host. So check us out!

To introduce this new format, Jack, Herman and myself will discuss the "how" and "how not" of conversations on race relations.

On our last show, we asked the question, should people be talking about race relations?  

The answer was a resounding “Yes.”

But the where, when and how turned out to not be quite so clear as the well-intentioned mission of Starbucks so disappointingly revealed.

Now Jack and I take up the latter question with Herman, on our Possible Society In Motion Radio Show this week.

Please do join us!

Listen in as we explore the issues for thirty minutes, broadcast. And, then for as long as we want on our “Coffee House Conversation” Conference Call (details below) .

Thursday, April 9, 2015

6:30 p.m.

Listen in to our lively on-air broadcast at 6:30 p.m. by dialing 347.237.5351
or clicking on the above link from your computer.

Then join us for our Coffee House-like informal discussion forum following the on-air broadcast. And be sure to have your cup of coffee near at hand.

You do not need to even leave your living room or computer to join in this discussion!

Let's truly make dialogue a community effort with the serious intent of a better world our objective.

Join Anastasia and Jack – and – Herman King as they discuss the situation live on the air and its implications.

Then join Anastasia, Jack and Herman for the informal discussion forum following the on-air broadcast at: Conference Call in: 712.432.0600, access code 640883.

Also available on podcast. Hear all our back programs on 
podcast at this link.

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the show. This very fragile subject impacts us everyday we wake up before we put our feet on the floor. Excited to hear from Herman King. He is the epitome of Advocacy. His dedication to a purpose has no boundaries. This is definitely a discussion that is long overdue.