Monday, August 31, 2015

August Has Come And Now It Is Going

On this, the last day of August, I am feeling the end of summer nearing with a greater sense of loss than I can remember ever before at this juncture.  In spite of the sorrow this near ending of beautiful warm, sunny days I have enjoyed ever so much and clear star filled skies, sitting out under them, I am also reviewing with delight the bounty this month has brought New Horizons and our Coffee House Conversations project – and – to me, personally.

This month at New Horizons has seen a great deal of off and on turbulence, beginning with some disappointments we experienced at our August 7 Kids and Kops In Conversations program. Then our Possible Society In Motion Radio Show challenged Jack and I a bit, followed by further tensions at the closing of last Wednesday’s Coffee House Conversations volunteer planning meeting.

Yet there is a poignant beauty in all of this as August ends, as it has marked a profound sense for me of our Coffee House Conversations programs and projects having brought us now to a place of certain motion; progress being made through turbulent times, locally and beyond, community engagement heightened, enriching my life, day-by-day.

I am grateful for what I have experienced this month. I hope you will avail yourself of a visit to my Anastasia The Storyteller blog site in addition to what you are reading here so you can, perhaps, have a bit of a window into the profound motion we have been experiencing in this last month of summer with more on its way, I am certain.

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