Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tonight’s Possible Society In Motion Radio Show

Topic: The Nature of Dialogue

Date and time: September 10. 2015, 6:30 p.m.

This evening’s show signals an expansion and a deepening of principles Anastasia and Jack have been discussing on the essentials of overcoming polarization, socially and politically, since the very beginnings of their program. 

Tonight Anastasia and Jack invite listeners to consider how citizens of this country can best take advantage of our Constitutionally-given freedom of speech to enhance their own personal lives and that of others by taking note of the essential nature of “genuine dialogue.”

Drawing on the theories of noted physicist, David Bohm, who was known also for his expository work on dialogue, Anastasia and Jack use this program to introduce perspectives that Bohm and others have contributed to a way of exchanging and interacting with others that can lead to new and greater understandings and help solve the communication crises that face society. 
On Dialogue
by David Bohm

This quote of Bohm’s ...
"If people were to think together in a coherent way, it would have tremendous power." one of the many principles he held as a rationale for this manner of conversing. 

With this perspective, as a working base, Anastasia and Jack draw on these ideals as inherent in their intent for the goals of the Possible Society In Motion Radio Show and their Coffee House Conversation By Conference Call Forum that follows the on-air broadcast.

Please join us!

Tonight’s Possible Society In Motion Radio Show

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