Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Talking About Talking

Anastasia The Storyteller Announces New Radio Show Series!

“Conversations With Anastasia On The Art of Dialogue”

Yesterday’s Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show officially introduced a whole new series of programs, “Conversations With Anastasia On The Art of Dialogue,” intended to have a long run, G-d willing and the creek don’t rise!

The impetus for the series is last year’s New Horizons’ sponsored Coffee House Conversations project, presently being assessed to enable New Horizons to take conversation to the next level up in the local community of Frederick, Maryland.

“If we can break through obstacles to meaningful dialogue in Frederick to help create a more exceptional community there, I believe we will be able to assure ourselves that New Horizons’ Exceptional Community Model can take its show on the road. This is what we, at New Horizons, mean when we speak of thinking globally, acting locally.” 

“Our new series, “Conversations With Anastasia On The Art of Dialogue,” is intended to help that vision move forward, suggests Anastasia (your author here) in describing the motivation for the new series.

Anastasia, along with “sidekick,” Kim Beckett, offered several of the key principles upon which the new series will develop on yesterday’s show titled "Trading In The Costs of The Quiet For The Riches of Dialogue."  Following the show, Anastasia was inspired to set up a brand new Radio Show Study Guide to complement the series. 

(Note: There are now two Radio Show Study Guides. They are as follows: 1. Anastasia The Story Teller Radio Show; and 2. For The Possible Society In Motion Radio Show.)

Anastasia's Study Guide is up and running now!  Check it out!

Visit this link to start working with The Anastasia The Storyteller Study Guide. And, this link to hear yesterday’s program that supports it.

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