Monday, July 17, 2017

New Horizons Announces Anastasia’s Next Steps

PRESS RELEASE for immediate release

Finding Light In The Darkness, A Goddess Returns To D.C.

Frederick, Maryland -- The best kept secret of the New Horizons Support Network, Inc., a non-profit organization, is about to be brought into public view. As an organization, specializing in community development and violence prevention training, the secret New Horizons has been holding has to do, now, with WHO is behind this intriguing community education approach and what SHE brings to it.

To begin to uncover the secret, rewind back to 1966 when Anastasia Rosen-Jones (formerly Marcia E. Rosen) took the heart of Washington by storm with her U.S. “Male” Service reminder and gift shopping service and Special Delivery Messenger Service. Identified as being the first business of its kind in the world for executives, primarily male, Anastasia’s services made front page news in the Wall Street Journal – and – were featured, often in Washington newspapers, including one article headlined, “Burgeoning Business Pays Off,” as well as in the broadcast media, including the Diane Rehm Show, back in the day. 

With a fleet of motorcycles and hot pants and high boots attired models to man the delivery fleet, Anastasia and her staff, not only brought practical assistance to D.C. executives but also a sparkling bit of eye candy. Thus a twenty-six year old earned her way, almost overnight, into a full suite of offices at 18th and K Streets, N.W., the center of the lobbying community.

From that grand opening, fast forward to the words of former Frederick News Post reporter, G.M. Corrigan, who described Anastasia as an “Entrepreneur-turned-peace- educator, spotlighting the ‘dark side’ in non-violence training” in that publication. With such apparently diverse accolades of Ms. Rosen-Jones undertakings, one might wonder how she got from there; a glitzy, celebrity businesswoman at 18th and K Streets to her present position as Executive Director of a non-profit focused on peace and social justice training, based in Harpers Ferry and Frederick, Maryland.

No longer imaging Aphrodite, the goddess of charm and pleasure, as her branding, decades after those early days, Anastasia, now a more subdued goddess-type, still carries with her the charisma and creativity that once drew the attention of multitudes in D.C.

The tale is an intriguing one that has much of its grounding in the Watergate scandal, eventually ousting Richard Nixon, follows a trail into Ms. Rosen-Jones’ twenty-five years as a psychotherapist in Montgomery County, marriage and motherhood, a move to Harpers Ferry with the intention of building a training and retreat center and an eight year ordeal of blindness. 

Now Anastasia is setting her sights on returning to the D.C. fast track she left behind more than forty years ago at the time of the Watergate break in. In doing this she expects to bring Light into some of the dark corners of the nation’s capital in ways that have become uniquely her own. You will want to hear her story; the tale behind her leaving and the one about her return. And the adventures she has had between then and now. 

As far as New Horizons goes, Anastasia’s shift signals an expanding and redefining moment for both her and New Horizons. How this will shape the future is yet to be discovered. Nonetheless, Anastasia can be counted on to find the Light in the darkness of whatever lies ahead.

Information on New Horizons Support Network, Inc. can be found here: Additional bio information about Anastasia Rosen-Jones can be found here. For interviews with Ms. Rosen-Jones, contact Lynn Cullather-Popkin at: 301.775.1432 or


  1. Hooray for Anastasia! You DO have a story to tell.

  2. Thanks so much, Isla. Your good wishes and support mean so much to me.

  3. From Lynn Cullather-Popkin, new New Horizons Board Member, long time veteran of "old" New Horizons.

    I am happy for you that you are returning to the life you deserve. Happy Birthday.

  4. Thank to you too, Lynn, for your good wishes and now making it public that my birthday is tomorrow and this press release publication is my birthday gift from New Horizons Board of Directors who struggled through the writing of it with me.

    And from me, too. I chose this special time to post it because it is a HUGE coming out for me!

  5. Happy birthday! Hooray!
    ... ( more elsewhere)

  6. From Terry, "old" New Horizons Truth or Dare (Discount Derby) community, new board member, as well as former board member.

    Happy birthday Anastasia and happy goddess coming out day.

  7. Terry also writes, regarding last paragraph of press release that the board struggled to come up with at Saturday's annual meeting.

    "Love the wording" from quote below.

    As far as New Horizons goes, Anastasia’s shift signals an expanding and redefining moment for both her and New Horizons. How this will shape the future is yet to be discovered. Nonetheless, Anastasia can be counted on to find the Light in the darkness of whatever lies ahead.

  8. From Steve Lebherz, new board member, participant in "Community Development Counterculture Experiment."


  9. From Sue deVeer, New Horizons BOD Member and Coffee House Conversations collaborator: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Anastasia. I hope you have an "Eat CAKE for breakfast" day with the Press Release out, and a year ahead of goddess returning with hopes coming to fruition and dreams coming true! Love, Sue