Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lots to learn -- at least for me

We are a bit over a month now into our Habitat For Healing Remodeling Project. So much has happened – and we’ve just begun. First and foremost, we (or could it just be me) need to learn how to adequately and appropriately show our appreciation to our contributors. Me – I’m inclined to gush, thinking I’m not offering enough back. So that’s one of many things I’ve got to learn as we move ahead; how to show gratitude in just the right way. Changing light bulbs might be another.

Imagine, then (with my tendency to not say or do enough – or, go to the other extreme and say or do too much) how I responded to Remodeling Project Manager, Sue deVeer, taking down a ceiling fan/light from her house – and – putting it up – totally on her own in my fire damaged kitchen.

Oh, my. Oh my. I was so impressed and bursting with gratitude all over the place for her lighting up that kitchen that been in the dark since the fire. On this same subject – gratitude – one apparently appropriate way for our appreciation to be expressed – mine, Sue’s, our board, supporters and etc. etc. – is that shortly we will be posting a “volunteer appreciation” spot on this blog.

And -- postings to acknowledge our donors – cash and gifts in kind – by linking from our blog to their online sites, if they permit. I do hope I learn to get it that that just might be enough, even more than enough -- for our donors who, no doubt, are giving from their hearts anyway.

Thanking everyone, again, for your generosity,

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