Monday, January 31, 2011

I Mis-Spoke

Anastasia Comment

I mis-spoke on my last blog when, I suggested that the mediocrity I am frustrated with (as I shared in my Anastasia The Storyteller blog) applies to any of my close friends.

Wrong! Apologies to my Beloved closest friends. I mis-stated (oops) when I wrote –

They are the ones that frustrate me with their mediocrity, depleting the passion in my soul, if I let it.” I posted that without totally thinking it through. OOPS (a second time)!
So much for spontaneity.

Of course, I have some frustration when and where close friends of mine and I are not presently synergistic. Isn’t that human nature when you love connectedness above almost all else? On the way to perfection such as it may be for a human? However, I am most gratified to acknowledge that not a single.close friend of mine is other than on a serious, committed path to clarity and truth.

Am I blessed? Or what?

Thanks, y'all for being so awesome.

Truth be told -- On my journey back from blindness, learning anew to navigate the mainstream, seeing world, I did some serious inventory-taking -- garden of friendship weeding! My new sight included the need to discard some old weeds, making room for new life and bouquets of beauty where I had accumulated some debris. Still there will always room for the old to grow again -- though -- in the new ways I've learned on the peak of the Mountain of Awe.

To the person, each and every close friend in my life is actively committed (each and every day) to heading toward the peak of the Mountain of Awe.

Sometimes we are just climbing that mountain in different locations for the time being. The mediocrity that I --- like many others – am totally crazed and frustrated with is in the masses.

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