Wednesday, April 6, 2011

“Climbing The Mountain Of Awe”

An interactive GAME of empowerment and transformation

Game #2.

We played our new GAME again last Thursday.

We are still rehearsing, but we are beginning to catch our stride.

Next step: beginning to develop a bi-weekly GAME group.

Already our GAME is becoming infectious, at least for me!  I am so grateful to my volunteers who are making this possible. And, following my lead.

Someday, I hope you will get a chance to play when we come to your area. We are developing a GAME team to work with me in doing the GAME. That means that maybe "someday" might not be so far away. 

Renewal of the GAME is probably the single best thing anyone could help me do.

I have felt almost completely cut off from a community where I could feel whole since I lost my eyesight.  My gratitude to my volunteers is immense.

Next week we add one new member, ZOP Sistah, Sandi.

If she wants to be on our team, she's in! 

She's got all the qualifications we are looking for in GAME team members; absolutely -- reliably -- true to those first four pledges of our ten (six more to post when the time is right).  And, plenty of chutzpah to go along with it.

That's my Sandi; kindness, generosity, courage and endurance, for starters.

Someday, hopefully, this GAME team will be so adept that I -- Anastasia The Storyteller -- can become obsolete.

More to come.

Today the weeping cherry is in bloom and the magnolia is heading that way.
Forsythia, too, but I don't really like it very well.

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