Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Passion For Truth Part II: What It Means To Be Without Guile

Commentary From Anastasia

I have friends – lots of them – who are abundant in guilelessness. Some of them have even become my “peace buddies.”

That means whenever we meet, we do our best to be together in ways that lift up one another (and, of course, enhance our individual and collective environments.)

My “peace buddies” make my heart sing.

Being with them feels refreshing and inspiring. And, as safe and secure as it gets for humans. Sometimes, we can even get to “awe” right on the spot. (Not always as “awe” is a powerful mountain to climb.)

No matter what activity, project, adventure or challenge my “peace buddies” and I encounter -- and -- no matter the obstacles, we always come through them with elegant solutions.

These friends – consistently – meet the criteria needed to climb and reach the peak of the Mountain of Awe; striving to do their best with those 14 best peace builders' qualities – and –reliably transparent and accountable for their snakey behaviors.

We meet me with the intention of having hours to live at an optimum level, honoring the values we hold most dear. We’ve learned through many trials by fire - and continue to learn - the value of having respect for the manner in which we make our climb, not on whether or not we reach the peak, today, tomorrow or some other time.

My personal small "zone of peace" circle of most consistent and skillful “peace buddies are -
  • My tree hugging zop sistah, Sue (*zop sistah – charter member of the Divine Small "Zones Of Peace" Sisterhood, circa September 11, 2008).
  • Sandi (*zop sistah – charter member of the Divine Small "Zones Of Peace" Sisterhood, circa September 11, 2008).
  • Lorrie. honorary daughter, whose success at overcoming hurdles makes me proud. (More on Lorrie later.)
And Gloria and Alisia --- and --- and -----

And plenty of male “peace buddies”too.

As they bring in some challenges that are a bit gender distinct along with their special unique gifts, I will introduce them later.

All of us have become adept at finding “elegant solutions,” no matter what! And, building small “zones of peace” everywhere we go.

Keep watching as this team of Small “ Zones Of Peace” core leaders, friends and family expand their, personal and collective, skills, along with me, in our new “Climbing The Mountain Of Awe” GAME.

Next rehearsal and training date tomorrow, Thursday, March 31!

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Help us light up the world one bulb at a time.

We really do need your support! And, your growing interest and participation in our endeavors.

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