Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Gift As Wrapped Up For You

Meaning: Anastasia committed to presenting as visible a picture as possible of the whole of that which the New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” Project is comprised to date; our gift to all who would receive it for the good of the whole.

All you have to do to receive our gift is be open to accepting it in your own unique way and then give away what you got. To "know about" our gift, read everything on this blog that you like, add some spice by checking out Anastasia The Storyteller, visit our “old” New Horizons web site and ask the “right” questions.

If all you do is read about us, you still won’t have taken all that is being offered, however, because the true gift is inside of you connecting with us and everyone else with the best of intentions.  The awe is the taking it all into action. Then you will have an experience backed up by some data. Will that be enough?

I said I’d complete my commitment to inform by September 15. I completed that task, officially, by reporting into my small but mighty board of directors, Lisa Boyer and Sue deVeer. My initial report was to Sue who is also our steering committee chairperson. Generally I meet with Sue two or more times per week and talk to her, even multiple times per day or text. Lucky me! Lucky New Horizons.

Lisa and Sue at our
Annual Board Meeting
July, 2011.
Next I "tried" to report in to eleven year board member veteran, Lisa Boyer who is under much pressure at her "day job." That report is still pending.  Hopefully my humble offering to her will be well received. Lisa is the one who pushes my ground level limits! I can't imagine where I would be without her. Sue, the one who climbs the more mystical path, is a bit easier on me.

As a working team we, three, always reach awe. And, what a team we make. So synergistic are we that we hesitate to enlarge our board though at this stage we probably must.

Sue, as I can count on, was happy with what I did. Even a bit impressed and certainly inspired. She is all about thinking global and acting local with me while we keep climbing. Lisa, how to describe Lisa, our Volunteer of The Year Award Winner? Lisa has and does keep us on track, after more than a decade of our ups and our downs.  How does one describe a blessing like Lisa? More to come on Lisa as we get closer to our Volunteer Appreciation Day.

Having done as I said in a most timely fashion (actually I was a day early), I now put that assignment and commitment aside and move us forward to what’s in motion for now and the future for New Horizons and its many facets. If there is more I/we can offer you so you can know and join our efforts, your requests, comments etc. will be most welcome. I hope that what I posted here was ample for you to get enough of the picture of our gift for now.

All that is behind is our foundation. Forward is now moving through the Possible Society Study and programs and projects to emerge from it. That is until further notice.

From Anastasia
Up in the mountains on a dreary day outside but a happy one inside.

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