Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Synergy, Like The Fingers Of One Hand Working Together

Think Tank participant, Sandi
Lee, arranges seating for event
I have always been particularly attracted to the notion of “synergy” being like “the fingers of one hand working together.” As far as I know the idea originated with Murat Yagan. I love that depiction and how it creates a picture that moves in my mind. Moderator Jim French gave the image even more motion at Sunday’s panel-led discussion when he added his reflection of the thumb being able to touch all the fingers.

If the aspirations of a group or organization are to be truly “exceptional,” the attainment of “synergy” may be the most essential quality. You can read about my view of the “exceptional” community and how that notion contrasts with “ordinary” communities on my Anastasia The Storyteller blog. See the “The Middle East Crisis In My Backyard” link to view an excerpt from my mss in progress for that discussion.
My concept of exceptional community life blends the ancient teachings Murat has so generously provided of his native Abkhazia with the strategies of therapeutic community culture as I came to know it in my years as a therapist.

To begin your own exploration of the principles of community synergy as Murat’s recounts the teachings of his culture, you can purchase a copy of “Building Up A Kebzeh Community,” one of numerous publications from Murat’s teaching series. This monograph is a wonderful study group manual for building an exceptional community life. It was from this that New Horizons, in 1999, began to set its sights on the purposeful attainment of AWE through community development.  Of course, we were blessed with personal guidance from Murat and the advanced students that surround him, hungry for the teachings he imparts. Nonetheless, for devotees of transformation through community I believe it is a must for indepth study.

For an initial public presentation, I was delighted with how our event, offered by the members of our budding Possible Society Think Tank, drew together a group of attendees that so eagerly did their best to co-create a high minded discussion. The event, panel-led discussion along with potluck dinner, was a distinct stepping stone to the level of cooperation that, over time, becomes synergy and beyond that can reach that high peak, the attainment of AWE. The attendees were a wonderful group. Thank you for being with us in support of me, personally, and these early efforts of our new projects and programs.

With Jim as our moderator, our panel-led discussion and potluck dinner gave us a taste of peace action in motion. And, Jim was truly the thumb holding the fork. With deepest appreciation, I congratulate the Think Tank members, Sandi Lee, Sue deVeer and Skip Cross, and, Jim French, of course, for a job well-done, synergistically, at Sunday’s very first Possible Society In Motion public event.

More to come on our Possible Society In Motion programs and projects as they now begin to emerge out of our new Possible Human, Possible Society Study.

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