Saturday, July 17, 2010

Preparing For The Adventure

Call it the adventure of a lifetime; a journey to “awe.”

I volunteer to be your guide, if you will have me.

If you would like to employ my services, allow me to provide you with my view of how I see us proceeding; my conditions, actually.

I have a map of an ascent to the top of this mountain; the one upon which I live, halfway up.

The map I have is actually one of several.

It has been generously given to me (as well as to others) by Wise Elders who are adept at climbing this mountain.

They have climbed much higher ones than this.

They are Wise Mountain Climbers, veterans of rugged ascents with many more years than I, of training -- and supervised skill development. I look to them for guidance.

Nonetheless, over time, willing as I have been as a student, I have also discovered my own particular pathways to climb to the top of this mountain.

After all, I have lived here for years now – and – have been up and down this particular mountain many times.

I should have a fairly well-tread path of my own, wouldn’t you agree?

In fact, my map for the descent is, equally, if not more important, than the one I have for the ascent.

My own wisdom, however, is simply that of experience – and – being a good student.
And, yes, I am also well-educated and professionally trained. That has helped enormously.

But, formal education only goes so far, you know.

It's life in the field that brings it all home.

If you would me have as your guide for this adventure, I ask only three things of you, by way of preparation.

Be mindful, however, I take each of these quite seriously –
  1. Commitment to the adventure;
  2. A willingness to take off whatever masks you are wearing; and
  3. A willingness to accept me without my mask.
Visit Anastasia The Storyteller for my perspectives on the last two.

Let me know if you are up for the hike.


P.S. Other well-experienced guides will be joining us.

They are each unique individuals (as is everyone else) who are, also, wonderfully "synergistic with me as a team.

Their wisdom equals my own -- and - -might even surpass it.

Yet, when it comes to building peace we are totally like-minded in our intent.

Look for their appearances in the near future.

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