Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Pretender Peace Buddy Pod

There was an incident at the Abkhazian Dinner and several more that became the fallout from the original. I’ve been hedging about what occurred. It was not comfortable to publicly reveal what happened. I trust you will understand and, perhaps, be moved to examine your own actions in situations similar to what I did in this one.

But today I pledged to remove the masking I’ve been doing. I cannot do the revealing all at once. It will take time. But in the interest of preserving the integrity of New Horizons’ two main initiatives; the Possible Human, Possible Society Study and our Small “Zones of Peace Project, today I begin to come clean about my beating around the bush.

I thank you for your patience.

Please keep coming back to read what will be revealed here in the coming month ahead about our challenging incident that brought me to identify a pretender peace buddy pod in the midst of our Possible Human, Possible Society Study. I have pledged -- to myself and my board of directors -- to clean up my act in honor of our coming annual board meeting, scheduled this year for August 11 or 12 (tba.)

I will do my best to tell the story back and forth between our two blogs. And do it in the most compassionate way that I can. May the highest good be our reward.

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