Monday, October 15, 2012

Introducing People We Know Who “Turn Round Right”

Visioning how New Horizons’ selections for the Peace Buddy of the Month Profile might produce a “real deal” Council of Elders; not always right, but never in doubt, as to where they stand.
Or, what I/we learned from Murat Yagan, our community unity building mentor.
Turning Points,
turning people
Trance-like Sufi dervishes turn to their version of the “light” by whirling, as in “Whirling Dervishes.”

Native Americans turn to nature to guide their sacred path on the earthly plane. Jews turn their minds and their hearts to a higher plane through the High Holy Days, honoring the threefold practices they call "teshuvah, tefilah and tzedakah," repentance, prayer and  good deeds (usually, charity).
New Horizons, too, has its set of highly valued ideologies and protocols to which we turn, a mix from our time honored (circa 1980) gatherings of program participants, supporters and volunteers, coming together to uplift themselves, personally and collectively.  Aspiring, as we do, to hold ourselves accountable to both concrete, earth bound codes of behavior and high minded principles, we offer our best.

As a community development and violence prevention training program, we seek practical problem solving strategies, along with the higher realms of consciousness.  Intent, as we are, on overcoming dysfunctional polarities in our work with groups and organizations, we are making it our objective, presently,  to find like-minded others.  (For details and additional background information on us, explore my/our two blog sites and our long established web site at:, thanks due our loyal web host/web master, Kim Nuyen.)
With that goal in mind -- and -- grateful for the responsiveness of others to our Possible Human, Possible Society Study, we, now, turn attention to showcasing notable others, beyond our long-term inner circle of board members and other devotees, celebrating some of the Real DealPeace Buddies we have known for awhile and those have met, recently,  on our super sleuthing, investigative path. 

Our main criteria for the selection of these people who will be featured in profiles, in the coming months ahead, are that each has demonstrated, by his/her actions, to have a track record incorporating: 1. an overarching value system based on a foundation “for the good of the whole (i.e altruistically – “all for one and one for all”), and 2. a congruent set of practices for living this out, day-by-day (albeit not always without challenge).
So, once again, recognizing our limitations in the word-lyrealm of everyday language, we attempt to offer you something concrete by presenting our nominees for my/our vision of a Council of Elders (as per Murat, see Ahmsta Kebzeh: The Universal Science of Awe, Volume I) from folks we know and have chosen from our Possible Human, Possible Society, thus far, who we believe bona fide, possible society in motion role models, imperfect as they may be.

With this vision in mind of grounded, high minded "walking the walk" people we admire and respect, look for our first member nominee for an envisioned Council of Elders member, Jim French,  Peace Buddy of the Month for October.

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