Monday, July 23, 2012

"Real Deal" Peace Buddies Are People Who –

Are you a "real deal" Peace Buddy?
See how you score on the items below.

Then read about the Compassionate Warrior’s journey that is the Peace Buddy’s basic training in the excerpt from my book Exploring Your Dark Side: The Adventure Of A Lifetime.

"Real Deal" Peace Buddies Are People Who –
  • Believe themselves to be worthwhile; 
  • Are committed to treating others with caring and compassion;
  • Have the commitment to set achievable goals and the motivation to carry them out;
  • Are willing to examine and learn from areas of conflict and/or mistakes;
  • Invest in truth and clarity;
  • Believe themselves to have an integral place in the universal order;
  • Turn away from elitism and any notions of “others” as enemies;
  • Actively seek out opportunities to bridge areas of difference and alienation from others.
Be a real deal Peace Buddy!

The world needs all it can get!

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