Friday, June 14, 2013

From the board members of New Horizons Support Network, Inc.

About New Horizons Executive Director and Founder, Anastasia Rosen-Jones, and her views on transforming the Dark Side of the U.S.A.
Dear blog readers,
We, the members of the New Horizons Support Network, Inc. Board of Directors know, full well, that -- given the scope of our organizations programs, projects, developmental underpinnings and the conceptual framework upon which all these have been built -- our package is enormous. And, often times, more likely, difficult to nail down.
We understand this and we don’t like it. We know you do not either, as we get our share of complaints on this limitation of ours, now and then.
Anastasia Rosen-Jones
New Horizons
Executive Director and Founder

However, with a visionary such as our founder and executive director, Anastasia Rosen-Jones, at the helm of this vessel we are crewing, we have found naught else to do other than to sail forth in the manner and at the tempo that seems most unifying to us of our many parts.
Nonetheless, in consideration of the frustration this pace evokes in you, we are offering the following links about our esteemed director with the hopes that they may, in some small way, shed light on your curiosities and allay your vexations.
Find out more about Anastasia -- her theories on the Dark Side and its transformation, her principles for culture-wide systemic change – and – her visionary capacity that was greatly enhanced by term of blindness -- at the following links.
·         Anastasia, "Finding Light In The Darkness"  --- Frederick News Post, August 6, 2006;
·         Anastasia, losing her eyesight and discovering Murat Yagan, New Horizons community development mentor.
Also, be sure to listen to Anastasia on our Possible Society In Motion Radio Show as she attempts, with the aid of co-host, Jack Slattery, to articulate some of the essential concepts, underlying New Horizons’ package of principles for Dark Side and culture-wide transformation.

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