Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beyond Adversarialism: The Adventure To Awe

Admittedly climbing the Mountain of Awe is not something in common experience, reaching the peak much less so. Few people can even claim to be making their lives a win-win game.
Still, if we set our sights high enough in terms of what we are aiming for – and – refuse to settle, we might be able to keep ourselves moving toward a betterment of present circumstances.

I know things can seem pretty oppressive and disheartening when you look at where we’ve been heading in this country.  Still, I’m a firm believer that much of this malaise is bolstered by an over-focus on looking for change from the top down, presidents and congress being what they are today, rather than from a bottom up approach.
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That means you and I.

I continue to, generally, feel hopeful most of the time; grateful for today with aspirations for tomorrow.
What fuels my optimism is not about government, politics or the economy.

My faith is generated by the people I’ve been meeting and talking’ many of them since our Possible Human, Possible Society Study got off the ground.
In spite of all of our problems – and – personal limitations, even active sabotages I’ve encountered from people who talk as if they knew better, additionally, there are a lot of genuinely dedicated, social action-oriented people. Through volunteer activities and the non-profit sector, many people are walking their talk for a possible society, even if they are doing it imperfectly and at a snail’s pace; day-by-day, at least moving on the right track.

I am genuinely grateful that New Horizons is an involved part of this movement. Perhaps that’s what keeps discouragement at bay for me; taking action, each and every day, with other social action-oriented people, heading in the direction of progress. Though it may seem almost imperceptible at times, I certainly see personal growth in many people who are, at least searching for awe, as if it could be.
In case you, too, are inclined in this direction, consider joining Jack Slattery and myself for our Possible Society In Motion radio talk show forum where we are, at least, actively engaged in discussion on how to build toward the possible.

Beginning next Thursday, June 13, we will be opening our lines to call-ins and would be most happy to hear from you. Dial in at 347.237.5351.
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