Friday, October 31, 2014

On The Sunny Side Of The Street

Jack Slattery, my Possible Society In Motion Radio Show co-host, and myself have given significant attention the past few weeks to the Dark and the Light sides of human nature.

"The sun doesn’t shine on us,
it shines within us."
John Muir

Our aim with this track is to raise consciousness and educate our followers and supporters on how to accept both of these sides in oneself; the Dark and the Light, in ways that can help to elevate the functioning of our society and politics.

Imagine Anthony Weiner or some other yukky acting politician of your choice telling folks he is really a dark and devious person with enough understanding and appreciation to genuinely change his ways all the way down deep.

This is the kind of substance, not surface, we are after! It's an endeavor that can knock your socks off!

We are only at the very beginning of this undertaking New Horizons calls the adventure of a lifetime, i.e. exploring your Dark Side and, thus, transforming it to its highest good, the Light Side.  

And, we have only offered a miniscule drop in the bucket of our larger mission, thus far. But this effort is part and parcel of New Horizons’ greater commitment to accomplishing several hoped for outcomes.  

Our Possible Human, Possible Society Study and this blog site are central to Plan A --

Discovering that Mahatma Gandhi’s words, as below, are actively embodied by the majority of the citizens of the U.S.A. --

“We do best to begin by carving out territories or zones of peace in our personal relations where violence and deceit won’t be used.”

Ha! Since this aim is shooting rather high, we have also set Plan B in motion --

New Horizons contributing guidance and skills to further the realization of Plan A. 

Behind the scenes, we are actively involved, daily, striving to accomplish both of these outcomes. However, we know the achievement can be only a WE thing! That means you and me.

Still three Possible Society In Motion Radio Shows have, to date, taken up the exploration of the Dark and Light side theme. That's how we know we are on our way. But we have only just begun.

My favorite of the three, so far, was program number 2, “Living In The Light, Dancing In The Dark.” Jack and I hope you will want to listen in to all of our shows in this series and find out more about how “Exploring Your Dark Side” can become your adventure of a lifetime.

I’ve been traveling this adventure road, now, for close to forty years and it just keeps getting better and better and more and more fun as others join with me.

I hope you will do it too!

It may seem idealistic to think that if folks could just learn to love and accept the Dark Side in themselves they could start having more fun, health, joy and peace.  But I know it to be true! Still it is an art form and you have to really strive and discipline yourself to make it real!

Nonetheless, a few words I caught from an advertiser reminds us that today’s impossible may well be tomorrow’s possible. I know this to be true when it comes to one’s relationship with his/her own Dark Side and its benefits. (The message went by so fast I forgot who said it but not what was the point of it.)

As it turns out – the Dark Side transformed is the key to one’s personal power but once you begin to know it – you can’t help but LOVE it and appreciate it!

This is a real, true turning lead into gold endeavor!

New Horizons and I are committed to showing you how. 

So we think you will want to check out and follow our new–

Exploring Your Dark Side: 
The Adventure of A Lifetime blog site

with specially designed interactive activities for transforming your life and our society and politics.

Coming in November!

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