Wednesday, March 25, 2015

To Talk Or Not To Talk: Considerations

Coffee House Conversations on Race Relations, sponsored by New Horizons Support Network, Inc., also the sponsors of the Possible Society In Motion Radio Show, are giving Anastasia and Jack a vast portfolio of discussion material from which to draw for their shows these days.

In particular, when it comes to talking about talking, even whether or not to talk, Starbuck’s recent and abortive initiative to bring conversations on race relations into their coffee shops have certainly upped the intensity of discussions.

Should people be talking about race relations? And, where, when and how should they do this talking, if at all?

Anastasia and Jack take up these questions on their Possible Society In Motion Radio Show this week.

Please do join us! Listen in to Anastasia and Jack as they explore the issues.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

6:30 p.m.

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On tonight's show Anastasia, who has been watching a movement intent on race and police relations conversations spreading throughout our country, has observed growing numbers of citizens yearning to find ways to solve serious community problems by talking their way through them, collectively. 

Has Starbucks brought this movement to some kind of crescendo? 

What's your take?

As Anastasia and Jack, once again, take up the topic of community dialogue, pro and con, questions and answers surface. Let's truly make dialogue a community effort with the serious intent of a better world our objective.

Join Anastasia and Jack as they discuss the situation and its implications.

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