Tuesday, March 24, 2015

We did it -- again -- at Coffee House Conversations II On Race Relations!

“Moving Beyond Stereotypes: Building Unity in our Community” was our goal at Coffee House Conversation II on Race Relations. 

And we did it! We moved beyond our stereotypes by talking and listening to one another in our local community. What we started was so good people couldn't get enough of one another. So they just continued talking themselves into dinner after our event with one another; all colors!

Sure it’s still just a start!  But what a start it is for our local community to move beyond problematic race and police relations! 

Just take a look below at the faces of some of those who joined our ranks last Saturday;

Frederick City Deputy Chief of Police, Jason Keckler, Herman King, Linganore High School football coach, Angela Spencer, Frederick County Human Relations Commission, Chairperson. (More to come awaiting permission.*)

You don’t see faces here other than those of Frederick County, Maryland
committed to building bridges across the waters of separation.

Each and every one of these people and more joined together with my volunteer team and myself last Saturday to aid in New Horizons' expansive efforts to build unity in our community.

The real deal of it all is going to take time. But we are on our way.

I will be back with stories as we go along with building this project, Coffee House Conversations On Race Relations in Frederick County, Maryland, introducing you to some of our participants and key players in the process. And some of the front and back stories people are carrying.

I think you’re gonna love it when you hear more and more about what we are doing in Frederick County, Maryland.

P.S. We are making friends with "our" police!

*Photos courtesy of Paul Morrison.

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