Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How About Allies Rather Than Enemies?

Read my new posting today, titled "Allies And Adversaries" on coming together folks. 

Enough already with enemy thinking

It is not helping us get on with the business of managing our lives!


As an example of this idiocy, I just now read an article that I totally resonate with on the National Review, online. Titled "Addicted To The Apocalypse," it matches my thinking about the political craziness now in motion, especially as (non-chemical) addiction treatment is my specialty.

But, hey, wait a minute, I'm Jewish. That means I'm supposed to be a Democrat while the National Review is a totally Conservative Republican publication.

What gives here. OMG!

I was always a registered Democrat up until this last election.

Am I betraying the people of my tribe? I'm not a Republican but no longer am I a Democrat!

What gives?

I quit! Now I am happily an Independent. So what?

I remain and always have been a "people." What next!

I ask my Spirit Sister, Quaker Sue, how she thinks I might feel at ease with my reading this totally non-kosher fare, or so I think of it up until now.  

Quaker Sue says she learned in Sunday School to find and honor truth wherever she finds it.

I like that! I'm trying it on for size.

How about you? Are you open to looking at views that differ from your home base? I hope so. That's where the art of dialogue comes in to raise us all up.

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