Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Horizons' Announces Possible Society Study

PRESS RELEASE for immediate release

Non-Profit Launches Regional Possible Society Study

Frederick, Maryland -- Sue deVeer, a life-long Quaker, was born into peace-building and service. Anastasia Rosen-Jones, of Jewish heritage and the step-daughter of a Holocaust survivor, was raised on social justice and the quest for tikkun olam, a Hebrew phrase meaning “world repair.”

With these cultural roots upon which to build, it is little surprise that the meeting of these two women would grow into a harmonious collaboration, as well as a successful community development model. For the past five years, as various programs of the model were being shaped and offered on a limited basis, the two women have paid particular attention to creating a format for community action through conversations.

During these years, the duo collaborated to create the New Horizons’ Cultural Mediation model geared toward overcoming barriers in civic and interfaith disparity. Their unique approach has resulted in the successful bridging of differences for numerous local groups to date. Now, with the launching of a new, four year study, also sponsored by New Horizons, the organization and its leadership will expand these early, successful Cultural Mediation efforts.

The new project, titled the “Study of the Possible Human in the Possible Society Within A 100 Mile Radius Surrounding Washington, D.C.,” will move local efforts forth, first regionally and then nationally. Drawing upon data gathered by the study, immediate attention will be given to utilizing strategies of the Cultural Mediation paradigm as a prototype for overcoming the severe polarization presently contaminating our entire country.

Designed by Ms. Rosen-Jones, the study and its related projects and programs will move forward under the name the Possible Society In Motion. Data from the study will be used for published reports that highlight public opinion in certain, designated areas that are relevant to the philosophies and earlier efforts of New Horizons. Fruitful discussion formats, focused on developing community unity, will also be created to expand both data gathering and public awareness and education.

A bi-weekly Possible Society in Motion Think Tank, open only to study participants, has recently been established. A panel-led discussion and potluck dinner will be hosted by study participants for interviewees and potential interviewees on Sunday, October 23, 2011. Both Ms. deVeer, who heads various New Horizons Committees and is on the New Horizons Board of Directors, and Ms. Rosen-Jones, New Horizons Executive Director and Founder, will be on the panel.

For more information on New Horizons and the Possible Society Study, visit our blog site at zonesofpeacenh.blogspot.com. To participate in the study, volunteer to assist with projects and programs of the study or to make a tax-deductible contribution, contact Anastasia Rosen-Jones at 240.409.5347 or email: zonesofpeacenh@aol.com.

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