Friday, August 20, 2010

Campfire Conversation – Day 2

The “real” conversation begins – introducing “Campfire Conversations.”

Ok. Now that we’ve got all that emergency preparedness stuff out of the way; snake bite protection kit, boundaries, rules, limits and the necessities of food, shelter, candy bars and so forth -- and -- dinner is cooking over there on that cookstove, let’s get down to the real deal; how we gonna’ make it to the top.

How we gonna’ make our best possible opportunities of climbing this mountain together our realities?

The New Horizons’ Small “Zones of Peace” Project (in addition to the behind the scenes coaching and consulting I do with key leaders) has a four series conversations’ format that covers the basics. The basic series (which can be compressed or expanded) are as follows:
  • Conversation #1 -- Discovering the essence of the “exceptional community”
  • Conversations #2 -- From snags to synergy in the “exceptional community” – exploring polarization and moving beyond it.
  • Conversations #3 -- How do exceptional people build “exceptional communities”.
  • Conversations #4 -- Where do we go from here? An action plan for our “exceptional community”.
I have the intention to take you through the steps of these individual conversations here on this blog in the format of our “Campfire Conversations.” I can’t promise you how quickly each one can be posted, discussed etc. However, I can pledge to lay them out for you as thoroughly and quickly as is reasonable.

Actually, believe it or not, I have been guiding us here for months. It has taken all those other previous postings to bring us to a this place that in a workshop I might have presented in the first ten minutes with a Power Point (which is essentially what I/we did at the UNESCO model UN camp for the past three summers).

Such are the limitations of the internet. However, I do hope you will take what is to be offered here to share with your friends and family. Doing that could make a difference. At least, you might have some added fun and connection.

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