Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Elegant Solutions #101, Lesson: What Happens Next?

Can everybody be transformed like my enchanted prince/snake?

Can the evils of the world really be transformed by “someone else” simply taking a second glance at another? Like joining up with Twitter and Facebook? We would be building small “zones of peace,” everywhere, right? Not so fast there!

Friend building; relationship building, community building takes time. We’ve only just begun. Magical releases from bondage aren’t the complete story. The task of overcoming human separation (i.e. polarization) is a long-term effort. No quick fixes.

Awe is not a pie in the sky! Awe comes as we cross the great divide that separates us and recognize the wonder of what we’ve accomplished. We become conscious of the wonder because it was a climb that took a good bit of sweat. So where do we go from here?

How about the snake listening to my story?

The story of what it was like for me to get bitten. The story of what it was like for me to risk a second look. The stories of my pain, as well as the ones about my healing. Who knows if each of us is truly a friend or foe before we’ve sat the whole night long telling our stories? Taken the time to break bread together and clean up the crumbs. Resolved the next conflict when it arises. An encounter in the woods that has the appearance of a turn to the good is not yet a strong bond.

A snake as a charmer does not build a world of peace.

Lesson: Careful observation, correct interpretation, practical application.

Use a bit of patience before jumping in with both feet.

Let’s see what happens next.

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