Monday, March 28, 2011

A Passion For Truth Part I: What It Means To Be Without Guile

I have a story today (in two parts) on "guilelessness" that I've had on hold for awhile. I offer it now as it fits neatly in with my Anastasia The Storyteller article for today on "A Passion For Truth".

It is shared in honor of my New Horizons Small "Zones of Peace" Project right arm, Sue deVeer*, who is slowly but surely recovering from a recent (January, 2011) major, emergency surgery. First, the definition and some tips:

Guilelessness: Without hidden agendas, guile or cunning, especially deceitfulness. Ability to be straightforward in all situations and circumstances.
Tip #1: To build small “zones of peace” -- turn hidden agendas to the good by seeking a higher consciousness with yourself and others.

Tip #2: Read Abrahma Joshua Hescel's "A Passion For Truth" (discussed on Anastasia The Storyteller) for a beautiful, scholarly (Jewish) discourse on our very human challenges to find the balancing point between forthright honesty and compassion.

Tip #3: Create a conversation with those people you respect and trust (people who are a part of your developing small "zones of peace") on the subject of guilelessness.

Tip #4: Remember in your conversations that is ok to not be perfect about being "guileless." Just keep striving to do those fourteen building small "zones of peace' things (#4 of our Ten Pledges).

“My Sue” is a shining example of "guilelessness."

Some of her secrets are:
  • Get all things on the table (i.e. the power of “naming”).
  • Where differences exist – negotiate, keep on keeping on until you find that elegant solution* to your practical problems.
  • Seek out and develop “peace buddies” – (peace buddies are people with whom to climb your Mountain of Awe).
* Sue is the “Curriculum Development Director of the New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” Project and, obviously one of my best “peace buddies.” One of her areas of expertise is consensus building. She is the one who, among many of her other gifts to our organization, offered us the term “elegant solutions". Isn’t that elegant!

Part II, maybe tomorrow, weather permitting. Actually I will probably be away for a few days. But please come back soon. I will, too, with Part II. And, soon with another report on developments for our "Climbing The Mountain of Awe” GAME" which will have rehearsal #2 on Thursday afternoon.

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