Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Is It Enough To Be Frantic?

We are down to the wire with an enormous, self-created debt ceiling crisis. Certainly joining the pundits when I have nothing profound to say is not where I can help. Nor wracking my brain to find solutions to problems that are beyond my abilities to solve.

I need to not allow myself to be seduced by the hype that threatens to draw each and everyone into this circus. Avoid the inclination to embrace the crisis mentality; respond with an urgency outbreak, or make oneself a party to the various polariities. These admonitions, also, alert me to not join in with the rampant frustration, complaining and fear that is prevailing.

The current debt crisis conversation generates urgency as an addiction.  We don't really know how much emergency preparedness is truly needed here, do we? How much is only drama?

What to do? What to do in this time of manifest or, perhaps, manufactured crisis?

Then I remember the words of Everett Edward Hale, a dear friend of Helen Keller

I am only one;
But still I am one;
I cannot do everything;
But still I can do something,
And because I cannot do everything,
I will not refuse to do the something
That I can do.

There will be something for me to do before the day is over. It may or may not have anything to do with crisises. For now I will be calm and still, not frantic and caught up in the drama, knowing full well that some other new drama awaits just around the corner for tomorrow, the next day or next week.

If I stay calm, then my "assignmnet" will become clear to me; I will know what to do that truly is mine. And i will be fairly assured that this path of serenity will give me one more solid, step out of detaching from the games people play in this addict society. One step closer to awe.

As my dear zop sistah, Sandi, has said, "I am not going to allow "them" (i.e, the politicians and the media) to hijack my goodness."
Interpretation: Maintain balance under fire. Don't lose your head to those stirring the drama, hold to your integrity, serenity and your good sense for living. Avoid non-problem solving polarizations.

The sunshines. Enjoy the day.

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