Monday, July 11, 2011

The Right Kind of Urgency

There’s a right kind of urgency. And, there is a wrong kind. A woman, generally, knows the difference. She feels it in her body, especially if she has borne children. Even more so, if she has reared them too.

The right kind of urgency comes of the fire in the soul, forging a new life form. Something tangible grows out of the effort; something that may even be beautiful, at least, to its mother.

The wrong kind goes round and round, feeding off itself, with nothing genuine to show for its efforts. Like a tiger chasing its tail. The wrong kind of urgency keeps us relentlessly on edge, like warriors poised for a battle that will have no true victor, nor any end in sight.

I don’t want that wrong kind of urgency infecting my space, especially when generated by others. It’s bad enough when I bring it in myself. Thus I am moved to speak out on the issue of urgency, at least, until I feel I have made myself “perfectly clear.”.

Nonetheless, I didn’t realize, until my Divine ZOP Sistah, Sandi, I and were head deep into passionate discussion, that it was the wrong kind of urgency that was prompting me to bring up that highly toxic subject; the coming elections of 2012, during a nice, relaxing Sunday afternoon chat.

Oops. Make room for the bad kind of urgency. If our armed, goddess-guards do not protect the gates, it can slip in anywhere. Damn!

“You know, Sandi, the politicians are going to tear us apart in this coming election. They’ve already started.”

“Yeah, I know, said she. But what can you do?”

“I don’t know, said I, back to her.”

Hmm, I mused to myself, was dear Sandi already defeated by the campaigning still to come? Well, it already could be daunting, especially if you opened up the internet. And, who could totally avoid that in this day and age?

“But, said I, you know, I/we can do something. We cannot just sit back and do nothing.”

(I, had no idea, yet, what that might be, of course.)

"Well, said she, I know you don’t like to just sit by. As for me, what I can figure out for now is just to not let them hijack my goodness!"

Is that a priceless statement or what?

I could feel in my heart as well as my body, these were the words of a wise woman who had, determinedly, made up her mind how to protect herself. So I had no more to say to at the moment to my dear Sandi.

Still, I could not quite let the subject drop inside of me with that as enough of a conclusion just yet.  Today, the spark from that exchange, already igniting a sense of injustice made right, thus found me pulling down women-power books, left and right.

Some of them from as far back as undergraduate women’s studies, others (relative to the progression of my life’s journey) as recent as "Women Who Run With The Wolves."  I would not be daunted!

The flaming, warrior woman, creative goddess within was readying herself to not be held hostage, again, by the lies and manipulations of my good life by politicians and the media that feeds off them. The political had become personal, the personal political!

Sarah Palin is just not my ideal of what I wanted out of my fight for equal rights for women and a woman in the White House. I would have to move into woman warrior mode now myself.

Question: How can a sane person navigate the coming election and happily support a winning side come November, 2012?

Answer: Somehow find a means for women’s way, the way of the feminine heart, to win.

Question: Does anybody else notice that women running for office are playing a man’s game in politics, even in a skirt.

Possible Solution: Somehow assist our democratic process to truly be feminized. Not just a new face for the same old, same old patriarchal games.

That means an election outcome with a good bit of awe. Not awful!

Question: Who knows how? And, if not now, when? (Words of a wise Jewish statesman.)

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