Saturday, July 23, 2011

Other Than Urgency, Other Than Enemies: The Possible Human, Possible Society

Of course the "silent majority" would be fed up with Washington.

There is a quality of life; a way of living, that for many of us is as close as an arm’s length reach away. You got to know it, “not about it,” but really know IT, because you lived it.

You took the kinds of risks to know IT you’d probably avoid now that you've grown up. Still you found out much about life because you risked the knowing, up close, right in the middle of the fray. Not at the impersonal more-than-arm’s-length of cyberspace. But up close with real people, face-to-face in all kinds of mud and muck.

Maybe the living of IT was almost fanciful. Maybe you were too young and immature to be aware of its illusory, even shadey aspects. Maybe because of a lack of maturity you didn’t catch on to the pitfalls. Sometimes they even hit you hard like a two-by-four over the head. But you did get to know IT, at least for awhile.

Eventually you opted to become a good student of life, rather than demanding so much of it. So you mellowed out, took the hard knocks and went on from there, sometimes sadder but wiser. Still somewhere deep inside you held onto your dreams, even after you were brutally awakened.  

If you were – and – still remain one of these students of life, one of the things you discovered on your journey through adult life was -- though you may have even been an ardent anti-government demonstrator of this and that and the other thing -- the democratic arrangements of our founding father make a whole lot of sense.

So you gave up demonstrating and making other kinds of a ruckus – and -- decided to become a voter, sometimes consistently, sometimes intermittently, deciding its better to work within the system rather than overthrow it.

Now, however, the government is demonstrating to overthrow you. You’ve grown to care about it, but it seems to be refusing to care about you.

So you shake your head and complain or sit quietly with your sorrow and loss. There are no leaders to count on. The values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness seem to be an almost impossible dream. Nonetheless, you have not given up hoping, nor decided to simply sit this one out on the sidelines..

However, while you seem to have grown up, your leaders do not, acting, at best, like bullies on a playground or superior know-it-alls; petty tyrants all. No real grown-ups with vision and spirit seem to be in charge or have much power to make things work well.

Not really one among them that you can count on to truly have a dream and the capability to carry it forth.

You see where you are today, wondering where did it all go.

What to do? What to do?

Coming soon: The Study Of The Possible Human, The Possible Society.

Offering what we can to gather and support the dream makers and dreams and help them become manifest with a passion for peace.

Still intent on getting it together on ground level – and – Climbing The Mountain Of Awe

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Also, check out my “We Came For Camelot” stories on Anastasia The Storyteller.

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