Friday, August 30, 2013

Study Data Gathering Inspires Radio Show Forum

Talk about New Horizons’ mega package, plus our Possible Human, Possible Society Study* and all that we were (“old” New Horizons), have become and will be (“new” New Horizons)!

The Possible Society In
Motion Show
I am so delighted, today, about the Possible Society In Motion Show that Jack and I did last night with guest, Jill Pekofsky! The show, of course, is an extension of New Horizons good progress in motion.

An especially inspiring piece, for me, is that Jill was one of the first people I interviewed for the study (even before its official launching date of January 1, 2012).  I loved interviewing her, loved her stories, her spirit, her values and the things she already had in motion to be her best possible human and build for tomorrow, especially through her devotion to parenting.

Now, here it is, less than two years later. New Horizons has our own radio show for sharing some of our preliminary study findings – and, most surprisingly, a platform from which to share our discoveries; a special space, all our own, for spotlighting what “almost ordinary,” real people like Jill are doing in their lives, consistently, to help us build a possible society.
(By “almost ordinary” I mean as a counterpoint to politicians, celebs and other media “trafe” served up as daily fare, ad nauseum. “Trafe” is Yiddish for not Kosher. “Not Kosher” = ng, or ”not good” in the words of my Aunt Sophie.)
For a healthy taste treat listen to the delicious discussion on our podcast of last night’s show, featuring Jill’s new "Conscious Parenting" workshop program (and how to participate in it). And, look forward to Jack and I taking the topic of “Conscious Parenting versus Unconscious Parenting” into our next show. 

In the future, we look forward to having Jill back again for “Lesson #2. In the meantime, however, we want to digest and share what we took from what she has already said. Jill has a big message on parenting.
We hope you will join us,  even call-in and get on the air, next week, to expand the ideas Jill introduced last night.

We are intent on sharing select portions of our data and stories we’ve heard to help foster change, now, as we are developing some ease in doing our Possible Society In Motion radio show forum.
It’s all in the motion!

*The study is now renamed the Possible Society In Motion Study, for branding purposes. But I either am not used to that name, yet, or am not sure it suits fully for my intentions. And, after all, I am the designer and chief interviewer. ??????)
Have a happy Labor Day week-end,
Anastasia, with an eye on the hummingbirds

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