Saturday, August 31, 2013

Conscious Parenting: An Apt Possible Society In Motion On-Air Topic

(This article re-posted Saturday, August 31 due to accidental deletion of Thursday, August 29 original. Apologies to Jill Pekoksky and other readers, damn I pushed the wrong button.)
Jill Pekofsky

With Jill Pekofsky, graduate of the “Jill Pekofsky University of Parenting Hard Knocks”

Tonight (Thursday, August 29) on the Possible Society Motion Show

6:30 p.m., Thursday, August 29

Join Jack and myself, tonight, for a lively discussion with Jill Pekofsky,, as we take up the subject of “conscious parenting” versus unconscious parenting as a critical pathway to peace. LZ Granderson, a current favorite writer of social commentary, in a recent article on the inattention of certain parents, addresses the consequences of this  laxity in his “stunning piece, Negligent Parents, Law breaking Kids,”  a vivid and profound editorial, describing some of the root causes of our current, national epidemic of teen violence.

Jill, conversely, seems to be offering parents a viable antidote to this inattention with her new workshop, “Conscious Parenting.”  She will discuss this new program with us this evening.

Describing herself as credentialed as a Master’s in Parenting administration from the Jill Pekofsky University of Parenting Hard Knocks”  (her husband, Larry, refers, instead, to her program as being on the topic of “50 shades of black and blue” which, I assume, is emotional rather than physical), Jill promises to be an entertaining, as well as well-informed guest for our show.

Both descriptions of Jill’s new project, no matter the “official” portrayal, reflect the experiences of a dedicated woman and mother, wizened through her parenting enough to want to share her insights in the form of principles, tools and guidance. As a participant in our Possible Human, Possible Society Study, I was inspired by what Jill shared through that process to be eager to share her with you, our Possible Society In Motion Show guests.

So – do, please, join us, Jack Slattery and myself, tonight, as we probe Jill’s wisdom on parenting that just might open some doors in your thinking about new ways of “consciously” addressing the present virulent teen problems of violence, as well as the hopes for health and harmony.

Contact Jill at:

Conscious Parenting
“Workshops that make parenting fun”

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