Saturday, March 5, 2016

Exploring Leadership Styles and Values In Modern America

I had a rather naïve plan in mind this past Thursday evening in developing our script for the Possible Society In Motion Radio Show Jack and I did. Taking up the central formula New Horizons holds for its leadership training in our Exceptional Community Model, I completely ignored the many complexities that go into training Exceptional Leaders, concentrating on only one facet of the whole.

Oops, I was that blind to even my own multifaceted leadership repertoire!

Thank goodness I believe that in the best of training and development effective leadership almost always incorporates a stance of leading and following, simultaneously, as well as being, always, both teacher and student. I soon learned a thing or two in this week’s radio show broadcast process. 

As a result wisdom and experience showed me that I needed to quickly rearrange the original plan – on the air -- following the cues of Jack’s input, putting us on an entirely unexpected track. But isn’t that the
way skillful leadership is supposed to operate; think on your feet and make adjustments when necessary as quick as you can?

So it was that Jack and I, planning to do a show with the title theme of “The Role Of Leadership In Building Exceptional Communities,” made a speedy change that had us even changing our show’s title. (Thank goodness for the adaptability of online radio postings.)

By show’s end I knew that I needed to, also, as quickly as possible, get myself over to our Blog Talk Radio web site and change that title!

Our original title didn’t fit at all as both Jack and I “led” our program in quite an unexpected direction.

Thus our title – and – our program theme, as it turned out, became “Exploring Leadership Styles and Values In Modern America.” It was a lively and fun show with illustrations of successful leadership styles and values, even in the teamwork modeling Jack and I did. And, as it turned out, our new way was better than the old, actually giving us a new and unexpected angle for our unfolding plans for a year ahead of interesting shows.

Check out how Jack and I explored leadership styles, values and ways of behaving on – 

Hear us, on podcast, set the stage for a year ahead of Possible Society In Motion Radio Shows that will, no doubt, be taking up one of our country’s most pressing current concerns ---

Leadership In Modern America
One of our main Possible Society In Motion Radio Show agendas for 2016

Can’t beat that for timeliness in a presidential election year! 
Especially this one!

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