Saturday, March 26, 2016

As We Roll Out Our Expansion, Do You Know Who We Are?

Meet New Horizon’s Small “Zones of Peace” Founders

New Horizons Executive Director And Founder, M. Anastasia Rosen-Jones

Anastasia Rosen-Jones has close to forty-five years of experience in the mental health field. As a Certified Transactional Analyst and Gestalt therapist in a private psychotherapy practice in the Washington, D.C. area, Anastasia’s innovative therapeutic community approach was thoroughly researched and written up in her three manuscripts written for Random House, Inc. These books were unpublished, however, due to her losing her eyesight in 1998. 

After seven eye surgeries, Anastasia regained her eyesight fully in 2006. Her clinical background uniquely equips Anastasia to now analyze organizational snags and develop strategies that empower and transform groups, organizations and communities.  

Retired as a psychotherapist, Ms. Rosen-Jones is the author of six full-length works in progress and numerous articles.  Anastasia, also, presently writes for three blog sites and hosts two online radio shows.

New Horizons Curriculum Development Director, Sue deVeer

Sue deVeer, a career Quaker educator of more than forty years, knows that questions can be more important than answers. Strongly rooted in the Quaker values of simplicity, peace, equality and social justice, Sue brings a unique perspective to the development of the Small “Zones Of Peace” Project Conversations.  Her specialties as an educator are experiential education, environmental education, curriculum design and consensus decision making. 
Sue, making her own personal donation to
New Horizons, is wishing you will do the same.

At New Horizons Sue, one of New Horizons’ esteemed board members, is responsible for the originating and development of all “Conversation” program designs as well as being the Chairperson of the New Horizons Harpers Ferry Retreat Center Remodeling Project. In her “spare time” she runs the Always In The Garden Project in Fairfield, Pennsylvania which includes an e-bay store and the natural products of her fifteen acre farm and garden.

** Anastasia Rosen-Jones is shown with Murat Yagan, New Horizons community development mentor and the last living elder of the ancient Abkhazian traditions of the Caucasus Mountains known as Kebzeh. Mr. Yagan passed away in 2013, two days after his ninety-eighth birthday.

Our Beloved Murat, 1915 -- 2013

Also, meet our longest-term Board Member, Lisa Boyer, With us since 1999!

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